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Judy Smith

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Re: How To Create Your Own Destiny
5/23/2007 7:52:46 PM

Hi Terry,

I am back - had to make sure the revived forum stayed that way!  I love what Diane said.  I am such a fan of Napoleon Hill's writings, and they don't get any better than "Think and Grow Rich".

He said "As a man thinketh, so is he."  And, to that I say that a dream or thought or idea should be allowed to blossom.  We should follow them, and when there isn't a rainbow at the end, then it's just a stepping stone to the next big dream.  So, dream on, dream big, dream often.  I believe if we continue to dream with believe it becomes a reality!

Blessings and hugs,  Terry - here's a rainbow butterfly - it doesn't get much better than that!


Re: How To Create Your Own Destiny
5/24/2007 12:08:12 AM
Hi Terry

What a beautiful butterfly and a beautiful reading. The reading is so true. We are destined to bring good or bad into our lives.

I'm so glad that I'm going to be working for freedom. Fantastic!!!

Love & Peace


Re: How To Create Your Own Destiny
5/25/2007 11:00:54 AM

Dear Terry!

As a very intuitive persone, I knew after first look at your photo, that you  are open-minded lady with very strong spirit. So, thanks for the invite to this forum. I have a very long experience with studying how to become `a dream and a dream weaver`.  I see that humans are, with each step, closer and closer to find themselves far away from slavery paradigm as it was in a past.

My contribution to this theme can be a simple way to underline that,to become a real dream maker, first we have to change our cellular memory. As standard configuration for any PC requests Windows or .... to  not to be a dark screen, our way of life is programmed within our DNA. So, we can repeat, sing or write our positive intentions a day and night, but if our program `is not IBM compatible....` nothing positive should occur.

Once more, thank you and I wish you to manifest your dream.



Joe Severa

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Re: How To Create Your Own Destiny
5/28/2007 8:49:57 AM

Hi Guys:

Quite an interesting forum you have here, how many of you saw "The Secret," a film about "The Law of Attraction?" An earlier film that sort of led up to The Secret was "What the Bleep," with that deaf actress, Marlee Matlin: 

I've begun addressing my acidity by drinking water after it's been filtered by a mineral replacement, which distilled water does not supply. You can purchase the Alkalark system independently or as part of the NaturScience website:

I even use this mineral rich alkaline water with my low acid GanoExcel coffee every morning, just ask my tennis buddies how alert & energenic I've become in my old age, LOL.

Keep up the good work guys, healthy water will sustain you more than many RX will, trust me!


Joe Severa, Owner

Flexera Intl Ltd.


Joe Severa, Owner Flexera Intl Ltd. ANA/DSHEA Certified
Terry Gorley

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Re: How To Create Your Own Destiny
5/28/2007 4:05:13 PM
Hi Terry,

I love discussing this with you.  You are definitely a dreamer and a planner.  But, let me give you a suggestion that may take you to a greater level... do not dream alone!  I believe that when we dream alone, we are asleep.  It is too easy to be awaken and all dreams forgotten in the transitions.

Dreams are free, so free your dreams.  ~Astrid Alauda

We should have a team dreaming session.  One person's dream at a time or to define what the team's dream is.  Oh how a dream will reveal its purity in a discussion.


Hello Joe,

My POTW duties are done and I'm busy catching up.  A Team Dream Discussion is in order.  When we realize we aren't working alone ... that we are indeed working as a TEAM and TEAM goals become a part of our personal goals then we all achieve the desired success we are looking for.

"You can succeed at whatever you do if its powered by the heart." - Doug Firebaugh -

Think bigger ... Dream BIGGER!

By helping others achieve their goals you will in turn achieve yours

This is my Dream ... This is my goal ... one step at a time ... one day at a time ... one new TEAM member at a time ... one family at a time ...




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