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RE: Rebooting
6/15/2013 12:55:55 AM

Well said Mark.

RE: Michael

I trend towards forgiving trespasses these days.
10_1_136.gifHi Dave,

Thank you so much for your timely response. You and I do think pretty much alike. I am 71, have worked since I was fifteen years old, often two jobs, never high paying jobs but none the less, jobs that I enjoyed. I am now retired and have different forms of entertainment to keep me occupied, one of which is corresponding with like minded people. In my past I have taken orders from superiors and given orders to those under me, however those days are gone. I will solve my dilema eventually, and things will get back to normal. Of course normal may not be the same for everyone, however there are certain situations that occur that make me long for the day when I can look up in the sky and actually see something there to make it all worthwhile. Until then I will continue to seek for the elusive blonde.




smogmeinichols3.jpg The tenacity of humans often evokes unnecessary pain towards their intended target. Perhaps they can show us the true way to love one another.

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