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Mary Hofstetter

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Re: Is Your Name Googled? Please share ideas
10/12/2008 9:20:17 PM

I took a couple of key words and changed my signature line.  I also put new words under my pic.

I did my user name last night and didn't see any change but like I said I think the fault lies somewhere in Adlandpro's presence on the net.

I have been looking for forums where one can post information to feed the spiders as they crawl through Adlandpro.  You already know the answer to that------they don't seem to exist.

Judy is right on.  I am working on key words and tags with a good friend in Belgium.  We are also working with the owner of Magnetic Sponsoring to make some changes on my affiliate site.

Keep at it everyone.  Thanks Lorraine (Smithworkshere) for sending more people over to this forum. We can strike out for quite some time but eventually we can solve this dilemma

Beverly Kersey

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Re: Is Your Name Googled? Please share ideas
10/12/2008 10:27:27 PM

Well I googled my name and I am first on the page and it leads right to my Adland Bio Page. I hope I get some decent advertising out of it. Oh my gosh. I am going to have to tell my kids. Maybe they can bring some business my way. LOL

Beverly Kersey
Mahlon Grube

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Re: Is Your Name Googled? Please share ideas
10/13/2008 12:28:46 AM
With a name like mine I show up and it is acutally me on about the first 10 pages.  I am listed in quite a few business communities and lots of other places.  Thanks for the hoot, but I don't think anyone but me searches for my name on the internet.  I don't think I did anything that would warrent people searching for me. HA HA!
God Bless You, Mahlon Grube I help people in MLM Succeed.
Judy Smith

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Re: Is Your Name Googled? Please share ideas
10/13/2008 7:32:47 AM

Hi Mary, and everyone!!

This is pretty exciting - now I just have to figure out how to turn the tables on Judy Smith and jnsmith - my user name - on Google!!

I just tried the Google search using my user name, and while using Judy Smith brought me ZERO, Zippo and nada results, using jnsmith brought me up on page one in conjunction with GreenWiz and at the very top of page 4 on both of my blogs. 

So, my is still boggled a bit as to what to change and where to get key words to find those same things AND Bird Essentials.  Nan is right - you just have to be all over the place.  I think consistancy is key too.

This is a great discussion, Mary. Thanks!


Diane Bjorling

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Re: Is Your Name Googled? Please share ideas
10/13/2008 11:06:55 AM
Adlandpro - social community - marketing - Canadian Owned - Message board

Good morning everyone and Happy thanksgiving to all Canadians.

Judy messaged me and asked that I come in to this forum to see if I could add anything of value to this discussion.

Google recently changed its Algorithms which affected not only how a person is viewed, but affected page rankings.  I know that there are some people out there whose blogs for example went from a page rank 2 lets say, to page rank 0.  That hurt!

I also found out that "search terms" are revealing more time-sensitive articles. As Jim stated, blogs for example are getting more noted, as well as Digg. I also agree with Jim that people here for the most part do not understand the Web 2.0 platform of Adlandpro.

Understanding any search engine and in this case Google is important and for some reason people have a huge issue in comprehending.

When people type into the Google Search box, are they going to type in your name?  I don't think so.  The only reason to type in your name, unless you are a very famous person, is to show off to your friends and family.  Search boxes are used to find out information on something they are curious about, answer a question, a way to solve a problem. These are facts.  The way this is done is using search terms or a better wording is keywords. For example, if I want to know about blogging, I can tell you right now, I am not going to type in my name, I will type in words that are RELEVANT. So, I would type in,
blogs, blogging, learn blogging, information on blogging, blogging tips, best blogs, blog directories, blog net, successful awards...blogNet awards... I hope you are getting my drift here.

When I write anything, I make a point to target these kinds of words so that when people type into that little box, then my business, my venue is going to be noticed,which has an offshoot, it is also advertising places like Adland.  I make sure I start out with this set of words and I sprinkle those words throughout my post, my article.

Adlandpro is a community of that there is no doubt, it is a forum and like any forum there are ways to use that could make it so very very popular and more noticed. As a social community it has potential, but few utilize it.

Google is not going to recognize Adlandpro, unless people start understanding what forums are truly about and how to utilize them to the best advantage.

I know that what I am saying is going to have people getting a little upset with me, but you have asked a question Mary, so I am being blunt.

Most people do not know how to use forums such as Aldlandpro, they dont know or want to know how SEO works, or how to use keywords to the best advantage, Social communities are just a word to most people, without meaning and depth. SEO can and is used everywhere from blogs, web sites, social communities, forums - everywhere!  LinkedIn is one of the top Web 2.0 platforms out there by the way,highly respected and used for serious discussions and trust me you will be noticed, IF you learn how to leverage social communities to make yourself an authority.

Google is not going to recognize Adlandpro when all people do is put in advertisements, usually the same sales copy that is given out by the parent companies.  Worse yet, Google is not going to recognize Adlandpro, if all people do is put in... "thank-you" or "great forum" with a bunch of cute graphics.  Hate to tell people this, but Google will not and does not recognize graphics - although Google is starting to really recognize Videos ( is Web 3.0 around the corner?)

My best suggestion is for people to open their minds, understand the big picture and then get to work honing skills. 

There are many fantastic people here on ALP, of that there is no doubt.  Even more important there are people who have been trying to anyone listening?

I know for myself, as much as I am learning each and everyday, I know that the learning will never stop.  The Internet is changing and evolving in such a way, that it is ones best interest to understanding and keeping up with the playing field?

Thanks Mary and thank you Judy for encouraging this style of discussion. 

To Your Success,


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