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Michael Derowin

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A Sad Day
8/10/2008 10:22:41 AM

A Sad Farewell to Friends


I have said I was leaving in the past but

always saying I would be back,

This time my profile will be deleted so I can

leave without another hateful attack.


My emotional state has been caused by

like having a knife driven deep,

To be asked for removals in my forum by friends

has caused a Poet to not to sleep.


People who were supposedly called very

close and admiring friends,

Losing the joy of writing of happiness and caring

has brought me unhappy ends.


There are to many judgmental people that

I have lately come across,

For a rightful action I have asked for but has

started a reaction causing a loss.


There have been a few which have who have

not agreed with what I have done,

They have joined together to berate me

as a group against this one.


I hope they can actually be proud of themselves

for what they have begun,

Taking away from this Muse with this

all of my writing of fun.


I am not leaving only this Community but all

of the ones which they are involved,

Finding prosperous ones away from the hatred

and grief the problem is solved.


Will not be saying that I hate these people as

I do not play those mindless games,

They know who they are without me mentioning

any of their actual names.


So now I have given myself only 48 hours

for my profile to actually remain,

Before I shall leave but only with a broken

heart and a blood stain.


So now I say good-bye to all my friends with

a Heart filled with pain and sorrow,

Onto what I hope will be one day that will

indeed have a happier tomorrow.


Written by,


Michael Derowin

© 2008

Re: A Sad Day
8/10/2008 10:37:22 AM
I am sorry to see you go. You've been with Adland a long time. I shall miss your poetry. It's much much better than mine. Best wishes, Joyce Allen
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Re: A Sad Day
8/10/2008 10:40:39 AM
oh.... I haven't spent much time here but I've enjoyed reading your posts.  I didn't feel like this site benefited me much.  Anyway, you might find a warm and welcoming community at TokSee... visit my profile at

and also, I note you are in Vortex... have you joined Maxlife yet?
I am on the president's team, and it's a prelaunch.

Best of luck to you guy...

Michael Derowin

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Re: A Sad Day
8/10/2008 10:47:59 AM


Yes I have been with AdlandPro a long time and shared many Poems with all my friends. I have deleted many in the past but I hate to say this that this time it will last.

It is a sad day as I thought I knew who my friends really were here,but just found out I do not really have that  many true friends.

Joyce you have followed my Poetry also for a long time for this I am thank-ful of your support and friendship.

Take care my friend and may God Bless you and all of your Loved ones.

Re: A Sad Day
8/10/2008 10:49:14 AM

Sorry Michael!

If you have been attacked here, it´s unfair due to your talent and your person.You have a gift of poetry!

I wish you the best, and if you need to chat, just contact me, you have a contact form on my personal website below.

Your friend,


Mattias Kroon Affiliate Creative Marketer

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