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Jill Bachman

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Re: The transpersonal world
4/24/2007 1:02:01 PM
Hi Dear Sister,

It is great to see this excellent forum going strong..........and it is so wonderful to have you back my dear friend

I thought I would share a must be me........cause this explains it all  :-)  LOL

Eyes of Wonder

Hugs, Jill
Paula Gaon

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Re: The transpersonal world
4/25/2007 1:48:16 PM
Hello Venerina,

Sounds good!  Count me in.  I never knew that

these ideas had a name.  All my life I've felt that

the world that the Creator created is so intricate

and complicated that we never will understand

all the interconnections of the physical & spiritual.

Look at the spirituality of those who revolutionized science:

Isaac Newton after figuring out the Laws of Motion and

inventing The Calculus spent the rest of his life trying

to figure out The Book of Daniel.  And Einstein's famous

quote: "God does not play dice!"

My own father, of blessed memory,

was an accomplished biochemist and very spiritual man once

told me that he believed the world was created based on

the mathematical constant e--but the formula was simply

beyond our comprehension.

This promises to be a very interesting forum.

Look forward to participating,

All the very best,
MoonTrekking is back!
"Imagination is more important than knowledge"~Albert Einstein -- Paula Gaon:BoomSpress Marketing&Design: BoomSpress Catalog Unique Apparel & Gifts
Venerina Conti

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Re: The transpersonal world
4/26/2007 7:28:31 PM

Hello Terry...

Thank you for your openness, frankness and honesty ... and I am pleased to have you here ... I can sense that you are a very beautiful person ... one who doesn't take life, and what happens in it, for granted ... and one for whom life has been an uphill struggle.

I believe that our souls are part of the infinite that come from the Source, the Divine ... the never ending ...

As human beings, I think that, sometimes, we are very limited in our concepts because our world, since day one, has been confined to shapes and sizes, to quantities, mathematics etc ... we've been taught to experience the world through our 5 senses, so automatically we think of our soul in terms of a shape and size ... some may even think that it is similar to our body ... but the truth that I believe is ... that the soul has none of the above.  In my opinion it cannot be quantified or qualified in human terms ...

I can't remember the exact phrase, perhaps Bogdan can quote the correct one, but Deepak Chopra said something on the lines of ....

It is not the soul that resides within man ... but it is man who resides within the soul ... and I tend to agree ... If we use a different perspective to look at everything around us ... mother nature, the skies, the planets, the universe and whatever may lie beyond ... even the air and everything within, outside and beyond time and space ... we would find infinity ... Even if our planet became extinct, the cosmos would still continue to be there ...

As humans, in bodies, we are only passing through this plane ... our time on earth is limited and our very existence is fragile.

Think about it this way ... when you have the radio on, you hear sounds, which may be a song or whatever ... When you turn the radio off ... the sounds cease to be heard and in their place there is silence ....

Silence is infinite, ever exisiting, we decide when to break it ... by allowing the sounds to occupy its time and space ...

I'm not sure if I am managing to explain this very well ... but then it is 1.30am heheheheh

God Bless dear friend and thank you for being here.



Venerina Conti

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Re: The transpersonal world
4/26/2007 7:54:24 PM

Hello Bogdan ...


From previous posts we have exchanged and from previous chats we have had ... I would say that we have always been reading the same kind of books... I think we have the same outlook on life and all its wonderous events....


I agree with you that it is easier to change the way we feel about something rather than changing circumstances, because the former is easier than the latter but nothing in life is impossible ... everything is about vision, choices ... determination and, ultimately, action.  It's no good having a dream if you don't act upon it and it is no good to act upon it unless you have the persitant determination to see it through.


People often hide behind excuses and, like Rose said, live in fear ... not through any fault of their own but because they haven't been brought up to think "outside the box".


As you know I have been writing a book in my absence .... so I would like to share a few extracts... (Copyright Ven Records 1992)


Throughout our life, the only person who is responsible for our thoughts and actions, is us.  Nobody else can make our dreams come true.  We alone are the ones who determine which wheels to set in motion for events to happen.  Nobody can make the world, within which we live, the way we want it to be, without us actually wanting it to be that way.  It is us, alone, who set the scene for the type of world we want to create around us and based on those foundations,  we attract to us people and circumstances that we want.   The way we portray ourselves and the thoughts we carry around with us daily make up the composition of who we are, what we stand for and what we want in life.  Of course, some people are better than others at making these projections clear but, essentially, we are all, individually, responsible for everything that happens to us in our lives, whether it be standing still,  making progressive steps forward or, even, taking leaps backwards.  We only have ourselves to blame for the good and the bad that happens to us.


....We are the person whom we have the most dialogue with every day of our lives, so why would we choose to be our own worst enemy and give ourselves bad advice or talk ourselves down?.  We wouldn't do it to our best friend... so why should we do it to ourselves when we are the only person we will know all of our lives.  Shouldn't we be our own best friend?....


... if we look at life like a road map, there are as many, possible, routes as there are opportunities available to us.   Every route starts at point A, which we may consider birth and ends in, the ultimate, point B, which is inevitably death but along the pathway to whatever we choose to do, and choose to achieve, that is between points A and B, is all a matter of the choices we make and the roads we decide to take.  Just like on any mapped out route,  there are so many, possible, turnings available,  there are so many junctions and intersections, so many side roads and, of course, so many dead ends as well.  Ultimately, though, we choose which way to go and which direction to head in.  The clearer we have mapped out in our minds what we want, the clearer and smoother the ride and the less detours we will take.....


....All you need is a goal,  knowing what you want, the will to work hard for it,  the motivation to keep going and a healthy dose of self-belief that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to....


....From my experience, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are, basically,  three types of people in this world: those who spend their lifetime wanting something but make excuses that hold them back;  those who merely accept their circumstances, with a kind of resigned resolve that one would expect from those who consider everything that happens to them, to be their pre-destined fate in this lifetime.  Therefore, they make no attempt to change anything, unless something, just happens, to land directly on their lap, which is viewed as a sign from God and those who will go out of their way, everytime, to make things happen, regardless of any of their current circumstances.


Over the years, working in luxury hotels around the globe,  I have spent a considerable amount of time studying, observing and questioning successful people and their attitudes.


By using the term “successful”, I mean people who have achieved their dreams in life, or who are in any case on the right path to achieving them.  The conclusions I have drawn from my quest are always the same: He who really wants something, makes time.  He who desires something, does everything in his power to make the circumstances right for things to happen and he  who really craves change, works every hour God sends, even for free,  in order to achieve it. 


Take care Bogdan and thank you ... I will post some other great titles for you to check out ... if you haven't read them already ...


Kindest wishes



Venerina Conti

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Re: The transpersonal world
4/26/2007 8:00:30 PM

Hello Godpappy Joe ...

Welcome back again ... I thought I'd change the title slightly so people don't think you're in the Mafia hehehehehehehe

I hope you enjoyed the Art forum ... I wouldn't say that I am a moderator ... I'm more in charge of the blogging side of it.... lol !!!  Rose does such a fantastic job on the forum .... and Jenny ... well Jenny ... keeps me on the straight and narrow, making sure I get the job done ... she knows that my head has a million things in it at any one time !!!! So, the reminders are always appreciated ....

Take care for now and a big hug




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