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Venerina Conti

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Re: Mystery - Define occult - Blame Jill Bachman hehehehe
11/24/2006 8:53:02 PM

Hello Susan

I am not sure if we will ever discover the secrets out there ... but I believe that we all have the universal knowledge within us ... in our subconscious mind .... .it is only occult to us, as in hidden and unknown,  because, very few individuals have the ability to tap into the universal source of the subconscious mind ...

... but that is another topic for yet another thread ...

Hugs to you and have a wonderful weekend


Jill Bachman

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Re: Mystery - Define occult - Blame Jill Bachman hehehehe
11/24/2006 8:59:01 PM
Hi Venerina,

I am fine and I am glad to see you adding more "magic" to the mysteries.............with even more wisdom as always  :-)

Since you have relentlessly enveloped me in this incredible conversation, I will happily add more thoughts........I think!??  hehe

Yes, you are right...........the human mind could be that "O" word!

I followed your documented tracks to read the links you posted.  Very informative and thank you.  You definitely do your due diligence young lady!

Here is one quote I found that I think sums up the entire subject:

 "Measure what is measurable, and make measurable what is not so." --Galileo
(If he was confused.....I don't feel so bad).
I followed the word "esoteric" and I think this most logically parallels what my newly discovered definition of the "O" word is now beginning to represent to me.........

Esoteric knowledge is that which is specialised or advanced in nature, available only to a narrow circle of "enlightened", "initiated", or highly educated people.

Gee, that must mean me.......haha!

My core beliefs will always be that "knowledge is power," so like I said in one of my last posts..........."buyer beware."  I never hesitate to read "most" anything for the educational purposes, but that does not mean that I necessarily believe it.  Ironically, I am pretty conservative, but God gave me a Nancy Drew mind!

And..........until the mysteries of just the Pyramids along are solved, I am afraid I will have to continue my pursuit of discovering more about enlightened civilizations that came before us..........yes, I believe they did!  :-)

So............I am off to stay out of trouble til your next post!

Bless you,  Jill (aka Nancy Drew)

Robert Talmadge

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Re: Mystery - Define occult - Blame Jill Bachman hehehehe
11/25/2006 10:58:09 AM
I appreciate your words Venrina and you also Jill. You have
touched on a subject I have been facinated by for many years.
It makes me tend to stand on a soapbox and ramble a little.
I agree with you. You are both very special people to me.

You are right. I cannot objectify the occult with reasoning
or provide proof to someone else by matter of explaination
or physical analysis.

I also have feelings and sensations. A sense of belonging and dejavu.
I recognise people that I have never met as though
I know them. Some are explainable and some are not.
I accept them into my personal reality because to deny
them would cause a breach of logic.

Yet science is on the verge of discovering some things
that sheds some light on the mysteries. There are already
theorems and physical evidence that are leading to a
major revision of some of our previously "known" facts.

We need only to do simple searches on the internet
for Quantum Physics, M-Theory, and UFO Evidence.
There is a whole new world of exciting and
wonderful knowledge that is opening for us
to explore.

Robert Talmadge To follow your dream, follow your heart.
Jill Bachman

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Re: Mystery - Define occult - Blame Jill Bachman hehehehe
11/25/2006 2:03:38 PM
Hi almost brought a tear to my eye.  Thank you!  :-)

When you said you have feelings and sensations, a sense of belonging and dejavu, I know EXACTLY what you mean.  It is definitely a FEELING that cannot be denied.

I have a rather long story that has unfolded over the years, and one of these days I will share.  But for now I will sum it up to say.........

1.  I can feel energy through emails
2.  My mission statement just appeared in my head........"unite the hearts of the world through wisdom and knowledge."

Gee...........that actually makes me look simple!  Which, I am NOT!  hehehe

Also, I came across the book cover below last night that had many of the same definitions on occult that we are discussing here.....fascinating!

And, YES, Ally.........the mountain is Mt. Shasta  :-)  Bless you all,  Jill

Allyson Lier

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Re: Mystery - Define occult - Blame Jill Bachman hehehehe
11/27/2006 9:02:27 AM
Here's my 2 cents:

The main association I have with the word occult is:  all things that are hidden.
But I see it as part of a larger category and that is Mystical,
it has a less negative connotation to it.


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