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Venerina Conti

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Mystery - Define occult - Blame Jill Bachman hehehehe
11/21/2006 9:15:19 PM

Hello my dear friends …


Ok, two brainstorms in one night is NOT good, (cough cough … it is about my usual brainstorming time …. But …. well it’s still dark here anyway)…. This time you can all blame Jill Bachman … I can’t help but love her and think, that one day, when we finally get together for that green tea, in person, we will not stop yapping … I don’t think anyone else will get a chance to say anything … LOL


…Anyway something Jill said … made my mind fire up again … after trying desperately to tell myself … go to bed !!!! …. In one of my Atlantis threads … Jill said:


<<..........I would love to have people perceive an alternative definition as to what the human mind gives (brands) to the definition of OCCULT.>>


So, here it is, my question to you all … what is your definition of the occult?


As per usual, I searched through a few online dictionaries and here is what I came up with, as per the world perspective:


Occultism is endorsed in movies, in video games, on TV and in literature as:

·         creatures that have both human and non-human form and characteristics

·         beings with paranormal (psychic) powers who call upon some strange god(s) to fill themselves with special supernatural powers.

·         people who are normal but can change into a different being by calling upon an element in nature (air, fire, earth, water, ethers)

Comment: - I am not going to even get into this one… I am sorry but I think this is, probably, the most absurd definition I have ever come across … In fact I only included it because it is interesting to see how modern day, popular culture, defines this incredibly ancient term, which dates back to the ancient Egyptian, Greek and even Atlantean civilization.


However, I did find this:

  1. Of, relating to, or dealing with supernatural influences, agencies, or phenomena.
  2. Beyond the realm of human comprehension; inscrutable.
  3. Available only to the initiate; secret: occult lore.
  4. Hidden from view; concealed.
  5. In medical terms:
    1. Medicine Detectable only by microscopic examination or chemical analysis, as a minute blood sample.
    2. Not accompanied by readily detectable signs or symptoms: occult carcinoma.

Please note how this is both interesting and slightly contradictory at the same time, in so much that it advocates something “hidden from view”, yet at the same time it states that traces are visible.


In this context then … I ask you to ponder on whether the occult is, in fact, something non-existent, and perhaps just a figment of the human imagination, spanning absolutely centuries, or … whether … the fact that traces are, possibly, existent demands us to question the very foundations of “existential reality of the occult”, as in a mixture of myth and history, or folks’ hearsay.


I think it is wise to mention here that occultism and Satanism, or black magic, have absolutely nothing to do with each other and are totally unrelated in any way what so ever, although there are those who would classify one as a branch of the other … not so … I’m afraid!!!.


My personal definition of the occult is that which embodies the entire universal, and cosmic mysteries, since before the beginning, of our concept, of time and space.  It embraces everything, which we cannot quite describe, from the data received through our five physical senses, although our sixth sense somehow….  “just knows”.  I am sure many of you have had that feeling of not quite being able to put your finger on it …. But just knowing that you knew … (if that makes sense).


Magic is a classic example of occultism … It follows a sequence of visible, ritualistic acts, the end product is visible, somewhat but … the forces at work, to give the end product, are not visible to the naked eye … ie, the energy force, which is used for the purpose of making something happen, or not.


In this respect, even a human being is a semi-occult creature because we all have thoughts and we all have the ability to imagine but, in reality, we cannot physically visualize, or touch, the processes at work whilst we are thinking, or imagining, but I’m not even going to go down that road now … because it would require a lot more explanation than just a few paragraphs!!!


Some people have experienced past life regressions … some people often speak of Déjà vu … some experience awakened states of “knowing” … some people claim they have seen UFOs … others believe they lived in previous lifetimes, some have an innate knowledge they can’t account for, or explain, and so forth and so on …. All these affirmations can be attributed to “occultism”.  The tarot, astrological predictions, (although this is considered more of a science nowadays), certain aspects of numerology and other esoteric practices are all members of the, so say, “occult” society.


The truth is … as human beings we cannot really define an indefinable, if that makes sense … To be able to define something we have to first recognize it and be able to draw a comparison to something similar, already stored in our database of definitions, in order for us to transform it into an acceptable, and humanly comprehensive, description …


But … and there is always a but … every individual has a unique, thinking process, as we already discovered in one of my last threads … so … perception of the defined, will always be different between individuals due to priory ingrained experiences, which constitute a viewpoint for perspectives.


So, my friends … as Jill asks ….


what is your definition of the occult?


Take care and non-occult hugs all round



Frank Encarnacion

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Re: Mystery - Define occult - Blame Jill Bachman hehehehe
11/21/2006 9:52:24 PM

The ture definition of the"OCCULT"...


Thats all I have to say about that...


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Geketa Holman

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Re: Mystery - Define occult - Blame Jill Bachman hehehehe
11/21/2006 9:57:12 PM

Hi Venerina,

I am going to send you are very large supply of John P's pills so you can get more sleep. Jill my dear I believe you have opened up a fine kettle of fish this time.. there for I  am just going to say .. ( for fear of sticking my foot in too deep) I  say it depends on who you ask what the definition is.. some cultures are build on what many would say are based in the Occult. for instance much of the Celtic culture is based on Occult beliefs .. superstitions are said to be from the occult.. my definiton is most anything that is said to be supernatural in form is by definition of the occult.

ok, I am outta here before I get into troubles .. hehehe

Blessings and hugs


Hear, O Israel the L-rd our G-d,the L-rd is one
Nan Herring

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Re: Mystery - Define occult - Blame Jill Bachman hehehehe
11/21/2006 10:53:59 PM
i think i will read a while before i comment. i'm not sure what i think.
Jill Bachman

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Re: Mystery - Define occult - Blame Jill Bachman hehehehe
11/22/2006 12:02:18 AM
Hi Lady Venerina,

A "fine kettle of fish..."  I love it.  Thank you Geketa!  You definitely hit the nail on the head  :-)

So, is my answer to you:  I am hiding behind Frank, Geketa and Nan for protection!  And, Frank!  I love your definition.  Too funny!

Well, you definitely out did yourself on this one!  What a truly AMAZING article you wrote!  Wow!

What prompted me to poise the question is that I always thought the term "occult" referred to the devil, evil, etc.  Until.........I started reading and following my goal that "knowledge is power."  From there is began.....the word took on a whole new definition of science, culture, ancient history, universal laws, etc.  But, unless we read the classics and the histories, we as a society still hold onto my first definition.  Unfortunately, the WORD itself keeps people from pursuing many fascinating books or articles.

I love your statement, ".............
it is interesting to see how modern day, popular culture, defines this incredibly ancient term, which dates back to the ancient Egyptian, Greek and even Atlantean civilization."

So.......I guess we are now out to redefine "a" word.  Or give it credibility.  Or, not!

OR, are we out to redefine and better understand the "Unsolved Mysteries" that surround the word?  That's why we are here!

In time, this will all come together.  But, it surely is an interesting subject, and I hate to think how many diverse opinions may exist out there  :-)

Thank you wonderful lady.  I am now going to go eat my kettle of  FISH!

Hugs,  Jill

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