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Re: Bounce Back Ability
7/5/2006 11:14:31 PM
Hi David, I understand the concept of missing a post in somebody's forum. I have been guilty of deleting a few along the way that were a few days old without visiting them. We are all very busy and I truly understand not seeing a post or even not getting the notification. I even stopped the notifications for about a week so I could do some other things. Even after coming back and turning the notifications back on, I still don't have that much time to visit every forum... It simply is not possible for me. I was selected as POTW a while back and I was awarded 15,000 ad impressions for that by Bogdan (Thanks so much Bogdan!). I'm sure they have all been seen by now and I received absolutely zero as a result. People here are just too focused on their own agenda and not interested in anything else. That is just my humble opinion about it and that is all. I don't see spending a lot of time here as being profitable anymore like I used to think it would be. Nevertheless, I am here but on a limited "time budget". Thanks for your post, David. Peace to you and yours, Leon

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