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Eva Gutray

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Re: FBI Warns of Email Scam.
11/23/2005 6:45:27 PM
Tasmania - Australia 11/24/2005 Dear Friends, I forgot to informe you that you do not open any attachment and especialy not doc. xld. js. vbs. that much our technician informed me Hope I was helpful :) Warm Regards Eva
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Re: FBI Warns of Email Scam. THE EMAIL IS HERE!
11/23/2005 6:49:14 PM
Eva, Thank you for posting the actual email for us to be able to see what it looks like. I guess it has made it way to Tasmania then. Your security friend in Las Vegas.
Kathy Clouse

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Re: FBI Warns of Email Scam.
11/23/2005 8:11:31 PM
not on ebay, on eneedy and online auction, classifieds and on my web site. They have been saying things like the check is for more than what we are asking for, blah, blah. I wanted a certified cashiers check and won't release the car till the bank clears the check, but yes, I think I am going to take it off the internet and go with local papers! I have got Nigeria, the middle east, and one of those countries that ship drugs! It is scary! Thanks, I am glad I found this forum, I can stay up to date and learn more. We are from Reno Nevada, just moved to Indiana, I love Las Vegas, there is so much to see and do! I actually miss the casino's, no one else has such good food deals! Thanks
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Thea Westra

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Re: FBI Warns of Email Scam.
11/23/2005 8:29:03 PM
Thank you Anthony. I've bookmarked the ic3 site for future reference. You're great for keeping an eye out for us all. It is appreciated.
Re: FBI Warns of Email Scam.
11/23/2005 8:37:56 PM
Hi Anthony! Thanks for the warning. I got one yesterday but deleted it w/o opening it and my anti-virus worked well, even if my preferences & junk mail still let it through. I wish I had known about this website to turn them in. I will if I get another, believe me. I get 2-3 scam emails from PayPal and eBay daily and I always send them off to the respective spoof departments. Again, thank you for this warning! Lorraine

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