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Anthony. Hobbs. 'security Guy
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About Me
About Me

About me???

Interesting thought, guess I should really leave this to my darling wife to compile.

However. I emigrated here to Henderson, Nevada in 2003 to marry my then wife-to-be.

9 days after arriving in America, we were both involved in auto accident, which has totally changed our lives, led to many operations & a lot of therapy.


This accident promoted us, well me, to try to find a way to build a new career online, as my profession as a professional driver has come to an end, at least until fully re-covered, which could take a number of years yet.


I had dabbled online with websites whilst living in UK. In fact I had meet my wife Pam, via my fishing website (Was a fishing instructor in UK) when she sent me an email about a fishing question.


We decided as we had meet and married because of the Internet, why not try to make a career online, so the first of our on-line stores was born, this was followed by a second, then a third (now gone).

Since then, I have divulged in affiliate promotions and concentrated on Internet marketing and link exchanging, which has helped to boost our stores popularity, which  get's us customer's.


I appear to have a knack at marketing and advertising, generating a lot of hits to our stores and affiliated websites, which in turn has started to bring in a steady income.


By no means rich yet, we are steadily making an income, and cannot wait for the day when Pam can 'Fire her boss'

Maybe she will not though, as she loves her career in the construction industry here in sunny Nevada (Las Vegas) and would surely be bored to tears if she did not have some sort of construction crisis to deal with on a daily basis.


Apart from that, we share our life and home with a seriously deranged hound (he sits a watches me work on-line all day and looks at me as if to say that he could do a better job of it) and a cat, that feigns total ignorance of it's surroundings and complete disdain to other members of the household, whilst adding some interesting affects, when I'm working in HTML.


Our love of fishing and the outdoors has not diminished, unfortunately our ability to enjoy it has. We have been informed by our surgeon, therapists, doctors, etc, that when we are fully recovered, we will be able to lead an outdoor life again, but after being an outdoor person for 40 odd years. Not being able to go hunting, shooting or fishing, let alone camping or just plain walking outside for 2½ years now. Is, to say the least, somewhat annoying (explenitives edited out by author)


Well, finally Pam has been able to 'fire her boss' & we now have moved to the Sunny Southern Coast of Oregon, where we now spend our days fishing, gardening & enjoying life....


Don't forget to join our friends list to be kept up to date on all the scams, con's, viruses, trojan horses & good old 'phishing' mails. We also have a forum on Personal & home security tips.



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Here you can get all the information you will need for......Your Own Jerky Business!

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Rose Enderud - (8/16/2006 9:34:21 PM) : Hello Anthony,
Thank you for seeing to all our safety on line.
Anthony. Hobbs. 'security Guy - (8/16/2006 9:34:21 PM) :
Hello Rose.

Thank you for thinking so highly of me. I must admit though, since June I have not been so diligent in my security warnings as, Pam & I have moved from our old desert home (Las Vegas) to our new home beside the sea (Southern Oregon). As you know, moving home is somewhat stressful & setting up a new home takes time, effort & patience.
Hopefully we have almost got everything sorted & I can once again help my Adlandpro friends with Security updates & tips.
Felicia Harris - (5/20/2006 5:56:38 PM) : Anthony I just wanted to say congratulations for being Adland's person of the week! Thanks for all that you do!
Anthony. Hobbs. 'security Guy - (5/20/2006 5:56:38 PM) :

Thank you so much for your kind words & generous rateing for what I do in this community.
I only want to help keep our friends safe from the con men & scammers that pray on the unsuspecting.

Carletta Bell - (3/10/2006 12:32:50 PM) : Hi I really like your site, it is out of site, and it is really interesting! I would like to be your friend. carletta Bell
Anthony. Hobbs. 'security Guy - (3/10/2006 12:32:50 PM) : Carletta,

Thank you so much for your kind comments about our site.

Also, thank you for wanting to be our frined.

Sorry for taking so long to reply, I did not get the notification that you had posted this lovely comment on here.
Once again, thank you.

Thomass Jaymess Erskine - (12/21/2005 4:44:31 PM) : Outstanding my friend.
i am glad that you are part of our Adland community.
Anthony. Hobbs. 'security Guy - (12/21/2005 4:44:31 PM) :

Thank you so much for your nice comment.
I will take it as an early Christmas present....

Paul Falardeau - (11/27/2005 9:52:37 AM) : It's great to have you on my friend list. Here's to your success.
Anthony. Hobbs. 'security Guy - (11/27/2005 9:52:37 AM) :
Hello Paul.

Thank you for your recomendation.

I'm glad that you feel that way.



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