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Thea Westra
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About Me

About Thea

Thea lives with Greg in Perth, Western Australia. She publishes self improvement resources at Forward Steps.

Her home site and the hub of all her online publications is Forward Steps at

Thea has also written a book titled Time For My Life: 365 Stepping Stones

Personally, Thea has challenged herself in her own life, particularly when she jumped out of a 23 year career, sold her home and moved across country on her own. After which she met her life partner, Greg.

She has read many self improvement books and a great amount of material over the past 30 years, plus participated in several personal development programs over the years. Thea has been coached, and coached others, for many years plus provided hundreds of resources online since 2002.

Thea worked in education for 23 years and was the founder chairperson of a non-profit artist group, managing a gallery space for two years (and is very proud of having sold 4 of her own paintings at over $680 each), before starting her own life coaching business in 2002.

She has four university degrees in the area of education (Dip.Ed.,B.Ed.,Grad.Dip.Ed.Admin.,Grad.Dip.Lib.) which serve not much purpose these days, other than demonstrating how committed she is to learning!

Thea now offers solely internet-delivered self improvement information, tools and services.

Forward Steps is all about just that …forward steps. If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking. Thea’s mantra is that “Each forward step enhances the value of your first”. Another favorite saying that she keeps at her desk, “Whatever you focus on, WILL expand”.

Thea continues to learn, and to expand what she provides to you online.

Namasté, Thea

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Nan Herring - (8/17/2005 7:33:22 PM) : great site.
Steen Laursen - (7/28/2005 4:48:44 PM) : Hi Thea
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Bob Needham - (5/31/2005 10:06:17 PM) : Thea understands the value of this community, she has given me great advice on how to improve my blog, and has been so supportive, without boosting her own opp constantly. Thanks Thea!
Mohamed Gani - (5/28/2005 12:30:40 AM) : Dear Sir/Madam,

Please contact me on my e-mail address ;
Thea Westra - (5/28/2005 12:30:40 AM) : I shall do that Gani. Thank you.


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