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Re: Our Mountains
8/18/2008 10:09:02 AM
Hello Georgios,

Thank-you for stopping and sharing this Wonderful picture of Mount Olympus. The song you have within the Picture there is only one word to describe it. BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL.

Mother Earth and Mother Nature have given us the Beauty of the World to enjoy and live within. Mankind has begun killing the rich and fruitful soils by the poisons they inject into our Mother Earth.

They have begun the destruction of Mother Nature and the Wonderful and Beautiful forests and water supplies she has provided us. Doing this with all of the destroying of the Rain Forests and the Medical cures within them. Instead they are bringing out the diseases beyond their healing knowledge which brings on the destruction of Man.

We have to give them the chance on their own to fix what we so far destroyed. Mother Earth and Mother Nature know what is to be done by them not Mankind.

Thank-you once again Georgios for showing the Beauty of Mother Nature in your song.

Enjoy your week Georgios



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