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Dimitra Bravou

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Re: Our Mountains
8/8/2008 1:53:07 AM
Hi Michael,

thank you for your invitation.

I like your new poem as it reminds me of my childhood, when I was at my little village over the mountains in Central Greece. I can understand the feeling to be in a place surrounded by great mountains full of trees. It's like you are closer to God.

Thank you for sharing.

Michael Caron

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Re: Our Mountains
8/9/2008 5:55:42 PM
Walking Garbage CanHi Michael,
This is why I invited you to my forum.  I believe that everyone should read this. How many forests have been stripped clean making our mountains appear to have scars across their faces?  They are scars.  We strip the forests, dump pollution in our rivers and streams, and send toxic waste into our atmosphere and when someone mentions life on other planets we cower in fright wondering what hideous torture they could put upon us.  We have no fear because we have already done everything to ourselves. We are the alien within.

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Michael Derowin

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Re: Our Mountains
8/17/2008 12:54:25 PM

Hi Everyone,

I am sorry for taking so long to respond to all of you here, there is no real excuse I can give except my mind was on other matters at hand. Please forgive me for this as I will post to you all now.

Your Humbled Poet Friend,


Kathy Hamilton

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Re: Our Mountains
8/17/2008 1:20:44 PM

Hello Michael,

Thank you for your Poem, another great inspiring touch you have added.

People forget to really look around and see all the beauty where they live.People just rush by everything.

Have a very blessed Day.

Kathy(Notice me) Hamilton

A inside joke I wear proudly!!! lol lol


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Georgios Paraskevopoulos

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Re: Our Mountains
8/17/2008 1:25:25 PM
Hello Michael!

Greece is a mountain country so I have the same feelings. Thank you for sahring this poem. I posted in another forum topic of yours and  Isee a nice realtion to the nature. The closer mother earth we stay the better.

Mother earth knows how to cure our problems!

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Mount Olympus (Greek: Όλυμπος) is the highest mountain in Greece at 2,919 meters high (9,576 feet). Since its base is located at sea level, it is one of the highest mountains in Europe, in real absolute altitude from base to top.
Mount Olympus is noted for its very rich flora with several endemic species. The highest peak on Mount Olympus is Mitikas, which in Greek means "nose".
In Greek mythology, Mount Olympus is the home of the Twelve Olympians, the principal gods in the Greek pantheon. The Greeks thought of it as built with crystal mansions wherein the gods, such as Zeus, dwelt.


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