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Donna Zuehl

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Re: Apology to Adland Community
9/12/2007 12:03:11 PM
Hi Bj, Interestingly, nobody who has posted in this forum knows what you are referring to, and anybody who does know hasn't posted. Whatever it was, it is good to get things off your chest once in awhile. Some things need to be said, just so they are said without being too harsh or unfair. It looks like your friends (myself included) support you, whatever you are apologizing for! :) DonnaZ
Rinna Rani

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Re: Apology to Adland Community
9/12/2007 12:25:02 PM
Dear Beee,
Hello, its me.... Hope you are fine & having an amazing day.

I have been away for quite a while and haven't been updated on things as much.  Nevertheless, I agree it takes a big person to apologise.  I am surely not sure what this is about but whatever it is, great outstanding attitude in facing this and thumbs up to moving on.

Take care and have a blessed week!

Love, Rina

Heidi Stern

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Re: Apology to Adland Community
9/12/2007 12:38:37 PM


"When the higher flows into the lower, it transforms the nature of the lower into the higher"

Meister Eckhart

I commend your courage in handling this matter.

It is all too easy to let our frustrations rule the day.

And far easier to not reflect on the choices we make.

I am proud to know such a brave soul and hope that you will forgive yourself and be proud that you stepped up and took the higher road.



Heidi Stern ~ Your Friend in Wellness
Bruce Butler

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Re: Apology to Adland Community
9/12/2007 12:52:48 PM

Bj: What is CRC, I have no idea what you mean.

Thanks, Bruce  Seaweedman Seaweedman Help Veterans
Georgios Paraskevopoulos

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Re: Apology to AdLandPro Community
9/12/2007 3:18:34 PM
Hello Brenda!

I am glad that I missed what you said and what you wrote. I am sure that there was nothing written by you to harm anyone. Your contribution in this community is of the best I have seen and your messages are supportive, community related and they give us smiles and they serve for good and positive socialized relations.

I hope that I was not involved somewhere. The CRC sent me a message yesterday telling me to calm down. Same message was sent to the person that reported me.

In the past I have been forced to ask for apologies, it was 8 months ago, I did that against my will and what happened. My apologies were not accepted.

There are "WatchDogs" out there but they act only against certain people and persons. They have a sort of coded messages. they think so. I read their messages and understand what is behind the words and lines in their messages.

With WatchDogs I don't mean the CRC members. I can imagine who the CRC members are. The CRC tries to stay neutral and their messages are to soften relations and bad mood between members.

I was characterized to be a trouble maker. Trouble makers are they who are trying to force people to leave a community. There are such people in this community. It is them who were discovered for making troubles here and there . A handful of members here writing very kind messages but behind their words there is only jealousy and hate. In some cases these people were pointed out and in that cases they were forced to resign and leave opportunities and very hight seats and expensive opportunities.

Silence can be good sometime but not always. When these people want to destroy you they send messages, they phone people, they even threaten people, and if they can they steal them too. Their purpose is to miss lead the community.

These people are condemned to fail. If you check the most active people in and check the first page of mine and yours friends list you will see who are missing. I know what I am telling you. You understand what I mean and why I write all this. I went through many things. Today I ignore some of my "very good old" friends because they were wolves and not friends.

HEY BJ, they who made you act as you describe, they fear you. Don't blame the CRC. This committee gives solutions. I usually don't agree with their messages but I respect the work they do to keep this community united.

I don't agreewth your apologies and I can not imagine you did something wrong, but I am glad you took this initiative because this shows a living good minded person, a serious and concerning member with a high level of spirit.

Your friend
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