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Judy Smith

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Re: Apology to Adland Community
9/12/2007 7:43:09 AM

Hi BJ,

I really have not a single clue as to what you are apologizing about, so in my eyes you are apologizing for nothing as I know not what. 

Frustration, irritability, snapping out - all of us have experienced it form time to time, and Jason is right on, my friend.  It happens, especially when you have the wide range of types and personalities on a day after day basis.

Your apology is most definitely from your heart and as Jenny and Beth have pointed out integrity ranks high above popularity in the eyes most. 

You are one of the most professional and hard working people here at ALP.  Whatever it is you are apologizing for, has most likely been totally forgiven!

This apology sets you on a higher level in my eyes.  There are so many among us who lash out and would not think even once about apologizing - much less just coming out and doing it like you have, my friend!!

Kudos - now move on!


Re: Apology to Adland Community
9/12/2007 8:23:04 AM

I been a way for awhile in and out taking care of my ill Father, but knowing the person you are for this short while ( what ever you said ? ) Your one great Lady!

I for one forgive You, I am one that never goes to sleep up-set about any thing, we never know about our next day, and if we will have one.

 (like Beth asked, what is CRC ?)


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Joyce Parker Hyde

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Re: Apology to Adland Community
9/12/2007 8:40:05 AM
Don't know
Don't care
Love you
Joelees Wholesale

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Re: Apology to Adland Community
9/12/2007 8:49:25 AM

Hi BJ,

I ditto all friends post here and add  Shame on you my friend you are human   * roflol *  Love you anyway  Gods speed :-) Lee

Joyce Sanders

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Re: Apology to Adland Community
9/12/2007 9:20:36 AM

Well, I'm so behind I think I met myself going to town the other day!!!!LOL 

I don't know what you said but I'm sure it was a MAXINE moment!! LOL

It takes a brave and good hearted person to admit they made a mistake.  U are okee dokee in my book.  No worries.
It is much harder to forgive yourself than it is to get others to forgive you.  So, get busy forgiving yourself.  Seems like everyone else has.
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