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Chuck Detore

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Re: Can I get some feedback??? HELP
9/10/2007 1:00:39 PM

Hi Na Ha!

You're doing something right or I wouldn't be writing this, right?  I see you're real new here, I've been in almost a year (mostly as Free and as an Affiliate.)  Theirs much to learn and I'm still catching on.  Nothing happens instantly, like DM, I'm sure the longer you're there, the more you benefit.  I'd say you're doing way better in your time here than I was by far.  Always, take time off, and is the best site for that.  Hang in there!


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Terry Gorley

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Re: Can I get some feedback??? HELP
9/10/2007 2:34:51 PM

Hello Na,

I can answer some of your questions for you.

If you are a paying member that gives you the right to have up to 3 forums.  It also gives you the right to Direct Contact your Friends.

The best places to post is in your Offer/Requests

There are also several forum owners that allow advertising in their forums.  Just follow their rules if there are any indicated.

You may increase your Friends list by sending out invitations.  You will find the names of people in the tab at the top of your forum called People Find.

You can also build your Friends list by going to the forums that interest you.  When you find a person of interest just click on their profile and send an invitation.  When you send an invitation, I don't send advertising.  Its a good policy to remember.  You want to build relationships ... Friends 1st ... Business 2nd

I hope this helps





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Las Ratnayake

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Re: Can I get some feedback??? HELP
9/10/2007 5:50:02 PM
Hi Na,

You are doing very well. You have got a good signature, and you have done a good post.  That's great for starters.

Re best places to post.  When you get an invitation to join a forum, have a look round the forum, if what they have in the forum matches with what you want to say then post in the forum.  Also check to see how many people are looking at the forum.  The more people viwing a forum the better.

Increaing your friends list - check the people who post to forums.  OPen their profiles and have a look.  If they are like minded people or they are doing the things that woulkd help to promote what you are involved in. then invite them to become friends.

I am not sure what you mean by no cost programs for editing.  You can use Notepad for doing basic editing.

I think that's enouigh to keep gpoing.  Come back to me if you need more help.

Have a look at My Power Mall.  Its  a free program to join, and all the tools are free.


Las Ratnayake
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Bj Burgess

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Re: Can I get some feedback??? HELP
9/10/2007 9:12:43 PM

Hi Na Ha

I will say, you have gotten off to a good start by creating your first forum.  I'm not the best here at telling you where to go from here.

Alot of my posting and creating forums as been by trial and error.  There are alot of members here that can probably help you alot more than I can.

But, I do know that with your membership, the $14.75 a month, you get 3 forums.

I'm not sure what plan you have.  But, if you have any question, there is a place here that you can email adland and ask, and get all the information.  They also will send out monthly notices of what all you are paying for.  And what you get with your memberships.

On creating forums, now this is the tricky part.  Creating one that members will join and frequent daily.  If it has a interesting topics or title and you keep it interesting, then people will show up.

Let's hope someone else will show up and give you some better input.





Re: Can I get some feedback??? HELP
9/11/2007 6:04:42 AM
Hi Na Ha, I joined your forum just to assist you in some of the advertising problems. I am not quite sure what you really want. Adlandpro is a very good advertising place if you have money to pay each month. I found I have always been paying out without receiving an income and that is bad for business. 1. It is important to develop your own list. To proceed , you must have an autoresponder ( recommend, norabots, aweber, get response). I currently use all three. Let me know exactly what you are expecting from joining adlandpro. I joined the program to make friends and have the opportunity to advertise my programs. Lets stay in touch Your success Emmanuel Mba
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