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La Nell !

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Re: Please place adds; & Biz; ventures here !
7/7/2007 10:08:12 PM

Join Jerky Direct! Jerky,Supplements,Omega Radiance Skin Care, LaNell,Team Leader (USA)

Our new OMEGA Radiance Skin Care Line !!! The welcome addition of Jerky Direct Toxic Free Skin Care Line, Omega
Radiance. Appropriately Named, JD Premium Products.

Nick Sym

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Re: Please place adds; & Biz; ventures here !
7/7/2007 11:12:40 PM

Dear Pauline!

Breast Cancer Awareness On My Site! Free exposure that works
Bj Burgess

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Re: Please place adds; & Biz; ventures here !
7/7/2007 11:25:25 PM

Hey Pauline

Thank you for this opportunity to share our business.

For those of you who have not tried JerkyDirect yet. Now is the time to get in.

Our Premium Jerky will be shipped to your door for only $12 each month (plus tax where applicable). Your jerky is delivered in our convenient "double pack".
Change your flavor selection online, and cancel anytime via our online form.  Once you enroll, an order for your first order of jerky will be automatically generated.

Subsequent autoshipment orders will be generated on the autoship day specified upon enrollment and processed within 30 days of the order date. If you wish to cancel you may do so at anytime with no further obligation, all cancellation requests must be submitted via email, fax, or letter.

Our Newest addition, JD Premium Products to Jerky Direct is bringing Many a additional paycheck.THIS is EXPLODING With Additional Income!!!

Our Products include Beef, Turky or Buffalo Jerky. Omega Krill Oil Suppliments and a whole new line of Toxic FREE Skin Care. Some of the MOST Demanding products today with a 2.7 BILLION Dollar Annual sales account.

The Welcome addition of Jerky Directs Toxic Free Skin Care Line. Appropriately Named, JD Premium Products, Has already Drawn Attention And WE Are The VERY FIRST To Guarantee Your Success!!Hurry and Join Our Tremendous Growth.


Rusty Yancey

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Re: Please place adds; & Biz; ventures here !
7/7/2007 11:40:00 PM

Thank You, Pauline!!

the Invicta Vintage Mechanical Skeleton is Our Top Value at ShopNBC for Sunday, July 8, 2007

Sharon Lee

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Re: Please place adds; & Biz; ventures here !
7/8/2007 3:46:13 PM

3 NEW Members TODAY!!! Yeaaaa. Please Welcome These newest members. (And don't forget to welcome Yesterdays also) We have had a busy week here.

Great Team Work,,,Just Works!!

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Welcome New Member Todd McBride  (Toddm) Todd was placed under Leslie Combs (LadyLibby) by JerkyHill/JDRadiance. 7/8

Check out Paulines new forum...;-) Please post YOUR JD URL!!!!! Thanks.

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Check out Paulines new forum...;-) Please post!! Thanks.


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