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La Nell !

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Re: Please place adds; & Biz; ventures here !
7/12/2007 8:26:34 PM
Hi There, Let's be friends and exchange business ideas in the community. Come join our team in the Jerky Direct business! We are gathering our Adlandpro friends for Success! LaNell, Team Leader For $12 a month you get 2 packs of jerky (31 flavors, plus dried fruit jerky and oil rich supplements) with low cost shipping to your door! A Personalized Website with free business tools. 800 # for orders and Conference Calls and so much more! (USA) Our Business and Team are growing! You may order for your own consumption or you can have your own store just like mine. EAT the healthy way we did hundreds of years ago! The healthy protein snack is low carb, low cholesterol, low fat and tastes delicious. Join for wholesale prices of healthy, hormone free Jerky. Do not miss out on this great opportunity and join now! I will help you build your downline, recruit and we both make money. I get a dependable commission check each month on time. My upline sponsor is Sharon Lee and Linda Harvey. Come join our GREAT TEAM ~ Our Jerky is handmade in our USDA certified smokehouse using superior quality top round beef. It's seasoned with our secret blend of spices, and slow smoked to perfection with real burning hickory. Get up to half a pound of premium quality, all-natural or organic jerky for only $12.00 or become one of our Jerky Direct Distributors and join our automatic shipment program for the same price! Get up to 1/2lb of jerky delivered to your door each and every month and then get as much additional jerky as you would like at our low wholesale price! Click here for more details. Come join our team in the Jerky Direct business! We are gathering our Adlandpro friends for Success! Our new OMEGA Radiance Skin Care Line: The following is the list of Omega Radiance products and their weights. Radiance Cleanse 4 oz. Radiance Cleansing pads 4 oz. Emerald Buffing Creme 4 oz. Soothing Lavender Toner 4 oz. Radiance Rose Mist 4 oz. Radiance Silk Creme 1.7 oz Radiance Moisture Therapy 1.7 oz. Crystal Recovery Gel .25oz Radiance Repair Serum 1/2 oz. These products are designed so that you only use a very small amount and they will last at least 1 month some will last longer. Of course it depends on how much you use each time you apply and how often. LaNell, Team Leader
Paul Mccusker

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It's the Final Countdown!!!
7/13/2007 4:14:36 PM
Hi My Dear Adland Friends

There is only 26 hours left to pre-register for eVo!

Registration closes at
MIDNIGHT, Saturday the 14th July
(British Summer Time)

A lot of my Adland Friends have already registered for eVo - have you??

For the first time ever, the following markets have been combined in one place:
  • Social Networking
  • Online Games
  • Network Marketing

This New industry

In 2005, casual games accounted for 21% of all online gaming revenues and wth approximately 60 million casual game downloads per month, consumer demand and opportunity to capitalise on this global market is far from "Casual".

The Causal Games Assoication estimates worldwide casual games revenues to worth $2 billion by 2008

Overview of Project e-Play

Online entertainment, fun, games, enjoyment and social interaction
Independant members can include an unbelievable lifestyle, full of financial rewards.

Our lives are being driven by technology, computers and mobiles, so P2P interaction and social networking are a natural progression.

VWD is giving us all the opportunity to become part of this phenomenon with a home business online opportunity.

On July 15th 2007

Every registered EVO member will be given a NEW Branded Business website absolutely FREE!
For around 60 days!

Which means you can recruit others and start to build a world-wide network absolutely FREE!

Since Writing this you now have
LESS than 26 Hours to register!

Join Me Now!


Why work for a living when you can PLAY?
Rinna Rani

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Re: Please place adds; & Biz; ventures here !
7/14/2007 10:25:27 AM
Dear Pauline, Thank you for this opportunity.  I truly appreciate it.  Love, Rina

Your Answer to Safe & Easy Cooking

~ New generation cooker with an heating concept of induction eddy current in the magnetic field.
~ Made from high tech material that can withstand High Heat & Sudden Chill.
~ Safe to Operate & Environmental Friendly.
~ Eliminates rish of electric & gas leakage.
~ Various cooking modes such as deep or normal frying, roasting, steaming, boiling & stewing,
~ Equipped with a 'Keep Warm' function and truly an essential applicance for any home.

~ Heating concept of induction eddy current in the magnetic field with a 93% heat radiating effect makes this cooker more practical and cost saving compared to normal electric cooker/ gas stove.
~ Ability to choose different power, time & temperature according to your cooking needs.
~ Earth safe device assures no electric leak.
~ Intelligent multiple protection devices such as auto delayed radiating, auto power off when pot is moved away, drying up or over heated and so much more.
~ This cooker will automatically shut off if not used for 2 hours.
~ Its stylist with a touch type control board.

This Unique New Generation Cooker Can Be Yours
For Only
RM 3,800.00/ USD 1,000.00 (Negotiable).

When you purchase now, a Stainless Steel Pot & Non-Stick Wok that is practical, stylish, safe & reliable will be yours for FREE.

Hi Friends,
Hope you are fine & having a great day.

I have a great offer for you.  If anyone is interested on the above offer, please send me a personal message via Adland by clicking HERE so that we can discuss the details for purchasing, shipment or any questions you might have.  This is a new technology, a brand new product and one of its kind.

Hope to hear from you.  Take care and have a nice week.

Love, Rina
Rinna Rani

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Re: Please place adds; & Biz; ventures here !
7/14/2007 11:21:25 AM
My Programs
1st Program:
Insider Blueprint

~ Learn how to earn money within the next 24 hours.
~ Use a very simple principled way to earn money online.
~ Get super responsive MLM leads without calling anyone.
~ 100% Guaranteed.
~ This is NOT another E-Book!
~ A business to be proud of ~ discover an amazing company with a great humanitarian purpose.  YOU can make a fortune helping others help themselves.

2nd Program:
SiteWizard SEO

~ A guide for creating a quality website that can generate a steady and growing income without much maintenance.
~ Quick growing downline program.
~ Website revenue grows.
~ Achieve Financial Independence faster.
~ Shift business to high gear.
~ Advertise Multiple Websites & Earn Multiple Income.
~ One stop centre in managing all your programs.

If you have any questions or need more information, please do not hesitate to send me a Personal Message or PM here in Adland.
Sharon Lee

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Re: Please place adds; & Biz; ventures here !
7/14/2007 2:09:31 PM

Welcome New Member Londis. (GoodTime) Londis is a direct recruit of Mark Gibson in the JDRadiance team. Linda Harvey, Team Leader 7/13

Welcome New Member Sara Bell.  (sbell) Sara is a direct recruit of Angela Cardwell 7/10

Check out Paulines new forum...;-) Please post YOUR JD URL!!!!! Thanks.

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Just CLICK The below Banner To Get Started TODAY!!

Every new member who joins our Team through or will be placed under another team member. We will, In Turn,, Do the SAME For You!! (And so on,,,and so on,,,and so on.;-) Members are Continually Rotated as we recieve them. This is HOW we CAN Guarantee you Success!

TEAM WORK,,,JUST WORKS!!!  ((The Jerky Product Line)) ((The Omega Radiance line)) Join Both for great additional income and enhanced commissions in the JerkyHill & JDRadiance Team line.  ((After enrolling in either JerkyHill OR JDRadiance,, Go to KSL and sign up for your free account. Email KSL here or at Include your user name and KSL will upgrade you to executive for FREE))


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