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Pauline Raina

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Please place adds; & Biz; ventures here !
7/7/2007 2:33:26 AM
Dear friends,

Please feel free to post your adds; business ventures here, even your forums, if you are doing anything interesting we would like to know,
here are mine !!

"DARE TO DREAM & DARE TO LIVE & DARE TO BE !"                                    
Should you need prayer..we are there 4 U ! :-)

VOTE, Show your friend you care !

Just having fun with foto's;-)

Your window to the world !


Join here you wont be sorry! Make a difference !

Blessings all !!

Pauline R

Peter Fogel

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Re: Please place adds; & Biz; ventures here !
7/7/2007 2:54:50 AM

Hi Pauline,

Thanks for the invite to this forum. Here's a great opportounity.

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All the best,


Peter Fogel

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Peter Fogel
Babylon 7
Re: Please place adds; & Biz; ventures here !
7/7/2007 5:56:16 AM
Hi Pauline :) Thank you for the opportunity to post!!! Have A Wonderful Blessed Weekend :) hugs

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Re: Please place adds; & Biz; ventures here !
7/7/2007 6:26:01 AM
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Re: Please place adds; & Biz; ventures here !
7/7/2007 7:17:26 AM

Thanks Rina!

You all will need this in the future:

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Mattias Kroon Affiliate Creative Marketer

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