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Re: Please place adds; & Biz; ventures here !
7/7/2007 7:20:57 AM

Excuse me, there was something wrong there.

Here is the link:


Mattias Kroon Affiliate Creative Marketer
Georgios Paraskevopoulos

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Re: Please place adds; & Biz; ventures here !
7/7/2007 7:25:55 AM
Well Since
I don't have anything to promote
I promote  My forums

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Re: Please place adds; & Biz; ventures here !
7/7/2007 12:06:52 PM

Dear Pauline,

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to present my business
with your Adland friends.

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Luis Miguel Goitizolo


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Thomas Richmond

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Re: Please place adds; & Biz; ventures here !
7/7/2007 12:16:04 PM

Thank you Pauline for a great forum sister!  As you know i do promote atleast 3 good program ventures. Jerky Direct has taken a unique position in the marketplace in that we have decided to completely bypass standard distribution methods, slotting fees, brokers, etc. and sell jerky direct to our customers. Eliminating the middlemen has given Jerky Direct a large margin of profit to use in implementing creative marketing ideas. We here at Jerky Direct are committed to keep our marketing dollars in the pockets of the people who deserve it... You as the consumer of the product, and the person who told you about our product. That's right, without the middleman you get a better price, and, should you decide to introduce your friends and family to our jerky, as a reseller you will earn a commission for each and every bag they buy. U.S. only http://ThomasRichmondsTeam.JerkyDirect.Com

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Re: Please place adds; & Biz; ventures here !
7/7/2007 12:51:16 PM

Thank you Pauline for another Great place to advertise...;-)

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