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Jerilyn Merideth

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Re: OK, then... Let's just break all the rules!
5/12/2007 8:50:15 AM

Hi Dave and Everyone,

If Everyone Treated Others With Respect the World Would Be A Better Place!

Take Care,


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Re: OK, then... Let's just break all the rules!
5/12/2007 1:17:57 PM

Hi Dave and everyone,

Great topic. Thanks. Enjoyed reading especially the disclaimers. Yes sadly, we are surrounded by so many who feel so inadequate that they are unable to comprehend other views. This is true in every aspect of our social existence. It is not restricted to just the ' famous four ' here at ALP!

Having been over-working of late to produce more simple to use products for my editors, I missed the going of Neil!  Gutted about losing 'the old son of a beach'. Can he be contacted as I would like to stay in touch? Thanks if you can help. 

I saw this the other day and have been musing over it since.

"Where all think alike, no one thinks much." ~~ Walter Lippman (1889 - 1974)

Heck at present the planet is big enough to hold us all. We just need to get better organised. Less therapy and more do - I say.

Thanks for the opportunity to look in and have my 5 cents worth.

Have a Great Day.


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Dave Cottrell

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Re: OK, then... Let's just break all the rules!
5/12/2007 2:19:48 PM
Hi Jenny,

It's good to know that your mystery has now been solved, and with great relief to you and management, too, I'm sure.

Those who are curious about details will have to visit your forum  (why does everyone like dirty laundry?? lol!)

I am sorry for the whole situation going on that we seem to be in the middle of.  I would be an idiot to pretend that I think no one has been offended by this forum, but since I have NOT named any names here, or directed this at anyone but those who deliberately break the rules, one can only assume that it is the rulebreakers who are finding this thread offensive.

For those who need clarification about the motivation behind this thread, I will now "bare my soul," again, without naming names.  (There are far too many, anyway.)
The whole idea for this thread has come from an accumulation of observations and experiences as a member of Adlandpro and other communities, including several I personally own.  The final catalyst (the spark that ignited the fires of creativity in my mind) were recent events that involved myself and several of my friends.

The entire point of this thread has been to support the right of the owner of a community to make AND ENFORCE the rules, and to highlight the difficulty of doing just that.

As a community and safelist owner, I have prescious little patience for rule breakers, and it takes every effort I can must NOT to name names and publish evidence.

God bless,

Re: OK, then... Let's just break all the rules!
5/12/2007 3:56:03 PM
WOW, you blink and miss sooooooo much.

Well, where do I start. Theives, liars and hackers. Oh my. Is it wise to travel through the yellow wired road in search of the 'Wizard' of the web? So many I's and Me's along the way. Even the wicked witch wants my Cash Slippers.

Why is this all so? Is it because of my own greed? I being self-wanting with no regard for others and their feelings is this now my battle against them all?

As in the story of the Wizard of Oz, we see the teamup of 4 people, each in search of something for their self but are willing to help each other reach their goal. And they show that when willing to help another with no regard for their own need/desire they do reach their goal.

We also saw when the wicked witch was defeated all those that were in the witches power were greatful for being released and seeing the truth.

I offer to anyone to see the movie, either for the first time or again if it's been a while. The movie does have a moral, a good one at that.

I do wish to close by saying this.

People that provoke someone into speaking up should not be surprised. Many people have become passive and have allowed bad examples and actions to go on for too long. It's now time that the silent majority speak up and be silent no more. Call us the internet police or whatever you wish. We do not look for titles or recognition in that manner. We are just tired of those giving us all a bad name by those that set bad examples.

If you don't like someone saying something about your actions then don't provoke someone by bad behavior/examples.

Dave, thanks for the rant.

A part of the silent majority no more,

Kenneth R Sword Jr

Re: OK, then... Let's just break all the rules!
5/13/2007 12:57:30 AM
So very true, Leon. That is the society we live in now. We are told it by counselor's and it seems to be polically correct, to be number one and look after yourself first and put everybody else, second. Its just part of end times, to me. Hackers, do cause a lot of problems, on the internet and many of them think, it is a big joke, when they can do, this sort of thing, bring down websites, steal domain names and hack into peoples online accounts. I believe in karma and it eventually works!! You get back in the end, what you give out. I have seen this happen, quite a few times in the last few years and man does it upset some people when they have given out bad things, negative actions and they get it back. Maybe I should not say it, but it is so funny to see the reaction. Seriously though, this hacking is often way beyond a joke, often these people are very intelligent and unfortunately, put the talents, they have to the wrong use. Keith.


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