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Dave Cottrell

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Re: Imitation may not be flattery
5/1/2007 2:31:27 AM
Hi Mary, GREAT topic. I have now been to yours and Kenneth's and am very happy to see them. (As I posted on Kenneth's forum, I was going to write something similar over the weekend, but other things got in the way.) I'm hoping that this is simply a phase that Adlandpro is going through considering that there are so many people here who are new to marketing and that it will get better as more and more people are educated to the reality of online marketing. Basically, people need to ask the question, "Is what I am about to say what I would say to a person I meet for the first time on the street?" If everyone did that, I think we'd see a big difference. God bless, Dave
Arthur Webster

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Re: Imitation may not be flattery
5/1/2007 4:42:46 AM

Hi, Dave,

It would be nice to think that this is a phase that Adlandpro is going through but, with the preponderance of ad blasting software together with url harvesting software, and with well known names actively promoting them, I fear we are only at the start of a new phenomenon.

It is not just Adland that is suffering. I have three blogs which are set up but to which I have made few posts. Guess what! All three blogs have got adverts on them!

I have one forum set up to which I have only made a 'welcome' post but I already I have seven ads on it - four from the same person with exactly the same narative!

These blogs and the forum have not been advertised in any way but, somehow the urls have become known.

The roogoo gurus use a system for a while and then release it as a brand new ¡secret' to make your earnings go through the roof. While it will have worked for them because of the novelty, as soon as they take their short term profits by selling the system, it loses impact and becomes another annoyance - like pop-ups, float ins, one time offers, thank you pages that keep offering more and more and so on and so on.

The Old Coot 

Re: Imitation may not be flattery
5/1/2007 4:48:02 AM
Hello Mary and All,

Let me address Arthur (The Old Coot) for a moment. You are correct in the backlinks process. The one thing not being said is the word 'relevant'. Links posted need a common or relevant tie to where it's posted to be effective. Otherwise the search engines do not count it. But, on the ignorance of millions you have people selling 'blasters' and misinform people of their effectiveness and effects.

Here's a thread I did a while back on blasters.

just a brief history on blasters. The habit started with FFA (Free For All) pages, back when SEs (Search Engines) would scan and list anything. When the SEs started seeing all the crap they started filtering. FFA pages got punished. So, relevance became the target. But wait, here comes RSS and it lists everything within an hour. Let's jump on it now and ...

So blasters have been created. Do they work? Yes, they work. Work at Tee-ing People Off! You take one ad that's for Viagra and blast it and it ends up on a blog of a Viet-Nam Veteran that has lost all three limbs below the waist and you'll have WWIII. Not to mention the ad has nothing to do with the blog's theme - Prosthetics Developement and the Wounded Soldier. That ad is a slap in the face and bad taste. The poster that blasted it 'didn't think' about where the ad went, how it would read to the those that see it and so on.

Let's go to the human side where a poster is doing it manually in forums. Mary posts a topic (thread) on Sacred Matrimony and here comes Reginald with an ad posting for "How to pick up more chicks and persuade them to get your way". (Yeah, there are such ads.) And then Ray comes and places an ad post for Lasik Surgery.

Sorry, got on a soapbox here. LOL

You said "How many times to you see ads offering to post your advert to 90 million 0r even 2.7 billion web sites?"
Now here's what happens. People see the numbers and say that makes my life sooooooo much easier and that is what they say is on autopilot. I can now make REAL MONEY with this!!!  NOT! They don't think past the greed and ease. It's a 'ME' mentality.

Yes, Roogoo Guru doesn't care because he's making money. Unethical money. The internet has made it so easy for anyone to just jump in and think they will get rich. Roogoos push that claim. It's the emotional side of selling. FAST, EASY, and LOTS of MONEY. And lazy people buy the hype. And lazy is just that ... lazy. They don't even want to think. This proves another point. Education.

Most don't look to get educated into doing the right things the right way. Just in a hurry to make fast money. They will spend years hopping from program to program and never find their 'gold' not realizing the time they wasted instead of taking 2 or 3 months and learn how and start earning right away after they learned.

It really boils down to the mindset. Greed and quick or long term plan for retirement. Most can't see time past their noses.

Kenneth R Sword Jr

Re: Imitation may not be flattery
5/1/2007 5:19:45 AM
Thank you Mary!

I can so relate to the imitate theme. As a musician, we are taught to study as many styles and imitate famous artists in hopes that we will create our own style. The styles we choose will reflect on our career later in life.

Let's say you study classical. You will be pictured as a sophisticated person in gown or tux. You study Country. Blue jeans, cowboy hat and Western boots come to mind. You study Rock. Sex, drugs and alcohol. LOL. Study Jazz. ...

Now let me say we imitate Gangsta, Hip-Hoppers and Rappers. Guns, violence, rape, cop killing, gang wars, drugs, no God, on and on.

Now, with these definitions on the board let's look at mentality or mindset. What here sells? Who buys it?

I won't answer this but look at the parallel between music and internet products/services. What sells is crap. People buy into the crap. Why? For some reason the buyer can relate. And the buyer sees it as ok since they bought the idea.

Gangsta/HH/Rap has set real bad examples as well in creation and marketing. Use an in home recording computer system, "borrow" another artist's soundtrack (Plagerism and copyright theft), layer a spoken voice on top and VOILA, you have a song. It's burned (usually by the ?artist's? own label) and sold. It's all about ME here. No money flow in sharing the wealth. Real artists not compensated for thier work, and greed keeps the cashflow only in one direction.

Is this bad behavior? Sure is. Makes others dream to do the same thing. Steal tracks and create bad image and behavior to follow.

Ok. I said enough. Maybe too much. But thanks for the time.

Kenneth R Sword Jr

Mary Hofstetter

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Re: Imitation may not be flattery
5/1/2007 5:54:10 AM

Hi Leon,

If  you are referring to a forum thread in the "Ranting" of our friend David Cottrell, his was about forum awards.  Glad you put a happy face winking at me.

Leon, there are some practices and business dealings I would copy from you and I did.  I liked your helpful spirit when I first came here and have tried to emulate that behavior.  I joined and use one of your programs you suggested.  So be careful, people do pick up our behavior.  On the internet we just have to be so very careful.

Thanks for stopping in and don't stay away so long.


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