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Re: Imitation may not be flattery
4/30/2007 11:13:59 PM
Well Said, Mary.

I appreciate you!

Hopefully, those who are most blatant will get a clue.

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Arthur Webster

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Re: Imitation may not be flattery
4/30/2007 11:20:16 PM

Hi, Mary,

Let me repeat a little of what I posted to Kenneths forum but which seems to have received little attention.

There are 'so-called' gurus out there who tell people that the way to grow the status of their web sites is to get as many back links as possible.

How do you do this?

Simple. You post to forums and blogs!

Not only do they preach this, they sell software which will harvest forum and blog urls and automatically post to them or set them up so that it is very simple to ciopy and paste your ad and post manually (at the click of a mouse!).

How many times to you see ads offering to post your advert to 90 million 0r even 2.7 billion web sites?

"Blast your ads!", they say. "Buy my blog blaster", "buy my forum blaster" or "buy my ad blaster" and spam to your hearts' content - except they tell you you are not spamming! It is not you that is sending the spam but their secure servers!

With this constant exposure to this sort of advertising, is it any wonder that some Adland members cannot see the wrong in what they are doing? If roogoo guru says that's the way to do it, why would anybody complain?

They must be talking about someone else!

The Old Coot

Diane Bjorling

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Re: Imitation may not be flattery
5/1/2007 12:06:32 AM

Thank-you for saying what I have been feeling for quite some time now..undertatement!!!  What can be done?? seriously?? not too much..we have freedom of speech and thought..that being those who are doing this..I tend to ignore them...or shake my head and groan..but they have a right to be as they are...i can choose to just not listen..that is my for spammers..sigh..that will happen wherever you go..regardless of the community..but you can report them..and hope that somebody will listen and take action...yea for speaking about and saying what i have been feeling..way to go!!!

Peace and light to you...


Terry Gorley

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Re: Imitation may not be flattery
5/1/2007 12:23:41 AM


You have chosen a great topic, Mary 

I don't believe it would matter how often you told some people not to do it, they would anyway. 

Whether because they haven't gotten the message that its not the thing to do

or whether they think its alright

or whether they just don't care

or whether they have dollar signs blocking their view ...

unfortunately, it isn't likely to stop ...

so I like most others delete and move on!



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Re: Imitation may not be flattery
5/1/2007 1:01:18 AM

Hi, Mary,

Oh! The things that happen behind closed doors!

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