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Mary Hofstetter

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Planning for Retirement Years Ahead
4/4/2007 6:24:32 PM

As part of my series on helping our Senior Citizens adjust to those retirement years, I offer the following information for good financial planning.

No nursing home for us. We are checking into the Holiday Inn! With the average cost for a nursing home care costing $188.00 per day, there is a better way when we get old & feeble.
We have already checked on reservations at the Holiday Inn. For a combined long term stay discount and senior discount, it's $49.23 per night. That leaves $138.77 a day for: breakfast, lunch and dinner in any restaurant we want, or room service. Laundry, gratuities and special TV movies. Plus, they provide a swimming pool, a workout room, a lounge and washer-dryer, etc. Most have free toothpaste and razors, and all have free shampoo and soap.
$5 worth of tips a day will have the entire staff scrambling to help you. They treat you like a customer, not a patient.
There is a city bus stop out front, and seniors ride free. The handicap bus will also pick you up (if you fake a decent limp).  Forgive me I'm feeling a little naughty.
To meet other nice people, call a church bus on Sundays.  If there is a carry in meal, bring a bag of potato chips or some pre-made salad.
For a change of scenery, take the airport shuttle bus and eat at one of the nice restaurants there. While you're at the airport, fly somewhere. Otherwise, the cash keeps building up.
Go to a fast food restaurant and buy one cup of coffee, use the unlimited refill plan, and read the newspaper for free.  Wave at those going through the drive thru window on their way to work.  "Have a nice day". 
It takes months to get into decent nursing homes. Holiday Inn will take your reservation today. And you are not stuck in one place forever, you can move from Inn to Inn, or even from city to city. Want to see Hawaii? They have a Holiday Inn there too.
TV broken? Light bulbs need changing? Need a mattress replaced? No problem They fix everything, and apologize for the inconvenience.  Tired of the pictures on the wall, they can bring you something different.
The Inn has a night security person and daily room service. The maid checks to see if you are ok. If not, they will call the undertaker or an ambulance. If you fall and break a hip, Medicare will pay for the hip, and Holiday Inn will upgrade you to a suite for the rest of your life.
And no worries about visits from family. They will always be glad to find you, and probably check in for a few days mini-vacation.
The grandkids can use the pool.
What more can you ask for?
So, when we reach that golden age,
we'll face it with a grin.
Count me in!!!!!


Chuck Bartok

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Re: Planning for Retirement Years Ahead
4/4/2007 6:44:00 PM

Wonderful Piece, Mary.

As always you are a treasure.

The serious side is, too many of us Silver hairs did not plan well enough, or relied too much on others to secure a consisitent Life Style.

My father passed away last week at age 89. We spent the past few weeks reminiscing a full life. He and my Mother always had their plan, followed it to the tee, and assured themselves enough for Tomorrow. They Never expected so many Tomorrows, but thanks to honest "Old Country" sacrifice, and not worrying about the Jones', the Pot will not run Dry.

It amazes me today, how few people are truly interested in adding $400-$900 (or more) a month to their current Income. Money that can be directed to modest Wealth Building and allow them to enjoy Life for as long as it is meant to be.

Probably the reason is most don't have the Grit or Fortitude to focus on a meaningful Goal.....

The excuses are fantastic, Don't have time....
Don't have the money....
Don't have the Ability.....

But they will be in line later, with their hand held out to have other keep it filled, when our Golden Years can be so easily spent Living life with Our Hands Stretched out Palm down and giving to others.

Did not want to sound so sober. My Father was a delight in his final days....We will miss him, but his legacy lives on to three more Generations... and who know how much further.

Give More, get More.....but be sure to keep most of it for Yourself and your loved ones.

Chuck & Shirley Bartok Northern California 530-798-0245
Rudy Hiebert(rudyhiebert.myamsoil.c

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Re: Planning for Retirement Years Ahead
4/4/2007 7:34:23 PM
Here's one side:
The people that should be reading this and doing something about their retirement are sitting in traffic at 6 o'clock in the bloody a.m. They're too proccupied with  their dead-end jobs that has numbed their brains from doing something about it. When I was there twenty and thirty years ago, there were the kids, the mortgage and the dental plan that needed me.   

We're taxed more than 54% of our disposable income, so where's the hope for most for anything other than a government subsidized housing arrangement and monthly visit by a social worker and/or a home care worker. For many, that's a reality now.
For pete's sake people get a retirement plan in place now because it's around the corner. I took action eighteen years ago with Amsoil
Donald Rich

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Re: Planning for Retirement Years Ahead
4/4/2007 8:40:09 PM


Steven Suchar

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Re: Planning for Retirement Years Ahead
4/4/2007 9:42:43 PM
Hi Mary!
What a carefully thought out plan...this makes me look at a Holiday Inn in a whole new light.
It's always nice to see you in the forums too!!
I was taught to always respect my elders...Seniors ROCK!!
Have a pleasant day...Steven.

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