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Re: Questions About Paid membership to Adlandpro
4/8/2007 3:55:06 PM

Hi Thomas, thanks!  Also HAPPY EASTER!  I haven't heard from you for awhile, I took a few days break from posting new Whammy threads.  I figured you're busy lately?  Here's an ad I post to Yahoo and other places, everyone can use this to get new people here to the community, then they will be added to your own friends list...the ad is between the brackets, the first line is the headline:

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Re: Questions About Paid membership to Adlandpro
4/8/2007 6:01:59 PM
Hi Mary. Been quite a while! Sorry for not keeping in touch, but I want all my friends to know that I have been quite ill & not in touch as I should have been. This was totally out of my control. I also want all of my friends to know that they are still special to me, and I want to help whenever and wherever I can. Can honestly say that I have only used the free membership. BJ feels like I do - Not sure which to use especially if you don't have the time to take advantage of all the features in the paid membership class. I want to thank Kathleen for the Ad plus tips for getting paid members to sign up at Adlandpro. I've been carrying Adlandpro members referral link on my website & blogs for a while now. I will use kathleen's Adl. link tips to promote & bring in new members, also will get back with the results! Thanks Mary, Kathleen & BJ & everyone for your tips & supporting knowledge. Wish everyone the best! Sorry I wasn't much help in BJ's situation! Best Regards, Bettie click here for The Most Trusted Name in Home Income The Home Income Portal Affiliates Payment Program Go Here NOW! Unlimited Software Downloads - Still FREE!
Bettie Wylie
Re: Questions About Paid membership to Adlandpro
4/8/2007 6:10:29 PM
Bettie is here again - Wishing Everyone a Happy Easter Day! Sincerely, Bettie owner, Home Income Portal Business Franchise Website Internet INCOME AccessGo here! click here for The Most Trusted Name in Home Income
Bettie Wylie
Re: Questions About Paid membership to Adlandpro
4/8/2007 8:17:25 PM


I find that with the services that Afland provides it members that the $24.95 is very inexpensive advertising.

You may want to contact CS about that other $14.95 though.

I also use the paid ad service and find it is well worth the small fee they charge for the number of impressions you receive.

You may want to try a lead source that will provide you with a new source of leads, one of the sources I use is

James Kinney The Cardioman Cardio Cocktail Joint Check My Home Page
Michael Teka

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Re: Questions About Paid membership to Adlandpro
4/8/2007 9:19:22 PM
Howdy folks. I have a free AdlandPro membership. If I could afford a gold membership then thats where I would be. But something about the gold membership puts me off. It is the submission to search engines every two months. here is why: (I quote my ItsYourNet training) "IMPORTANT: Never submit your Web site more than once every six (6) months from the same location! When you do a submission, it can take up to six (6) months to get your site indexed, and the originating location the submission came from is tracked by the Search Engines. If a second submission is done from the same location within the time it can take to get you indexed, it can cause your Web site to be banned from being indexed all together, you will have wasted both your time and money, and you will have difficulty getting your Web site indexed again." Now, I dont know if the submissions made to the Search Engines by AdlandPro are made from the same location, so I will have to contact AdlandPro about it, just to be sure. One thing I can say is that I have found it worthwhile to advertise my Adlandpro affiliate links, as people have signed up through my link and I have begun to recieve an income from Adlandpro! Have a nice day.

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