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Re: Questions About Paid membership to Adlandpro
4/8/2007 10:18:51 PM

This may not be directly related to your question but I just like to point out. In the past, I received many invitations to join certain programs from the internet asking me to pay up a small fee, and then the members below me will pay me huge sum many months later. I dislike this idea because many years later, millions of dollars would have been swindled, and I pity the final group of people ( maybe over 100000 of them) because they will lose their money forever.


Andrew Birse

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Re: Questions About Paid membership to Adlandpro
4/9/2007 3:52:19 AM
Hi BJ,

I think the Adlander and Gold are both great value for money.  If I was to choose one over the other I would choose Adlander for the extra community features.

The Gold advertising package gives you a lot for your money, but like everything, you need to take the time to get all the benefits from it. 

I was a Gold member for a while and enjoyed the extra ad credits, but I found I wasn't usung all the features, mostly due to not having the time, and partly due to not really being sure how to use them all.

Hope this helps.

Regards, Andrew Birse Do you want to retire in 4 years or 40?

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