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Venerina Conti

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How far are you prepared to go in the name of love?
11/21/2006 2:53:43 PM

Hello Ladies and Gentleman, (friends),

I am actually at work ... but I have snuck onto the hotel pc, before they kick me off because this topic has been running around in my mind for days now, so I have to air it with you and share it ... and, hopefully, get your feedback and input on the subject.

In light of everything that has been going on here in ADP lately, I can't help but keep asking myslef the question I am going to put to you and that is:

Just how far would you be prepared to go in the name of love?

Of course, when I speak of love, I am defining it in several ways:  The love between two people, which is an intimate and beautiful experience that can only, truly, be understood by the couple involved, who share an unexplainable feeling that takes over their mind, body & soul and leads them to do things they would never, otherwise, even dream of.

Then, there's the love for a community and the people within it, which makes lions out of those who would, otherwise, perhaps consider themselves as "ordinary people" without any particular, special quality.  If the truth be known, these people always have this innate quality but it never truly comes out until someone else has an hour of need.

Another type of love is that which we have for what we do, for our passions in life, our ambitions and everything, we do, that makes us happy.  Some people may experience this for their work, others for their innate love of helping people and some may even project their love through their devotion/dedication to a particular cause or other.

I have read many forums, lately, with much interest and admiration for so many of the wonderful people I am so fortunate to know, here in ADP.  I have nothing but admiration for the people who stand out from the crowd and demonstrate bravery, strength and courage in their daily life offline, as much as online.  You may not be aware, but some of our friends overcome all types of adversities daily, to be with us, to help us, to be our right hand people, to inspire us... despite their own pain and sufffering.

Some ADP members have to overcome language barriers, others some physical disabilities, others excrutiating pain but the love they have to share gives them the strength to endure and be here for us, as our friend.  Some, I know, don't sleep enough, just for the sake of posting inspiring messages to us.  That is devotion and love.

Then, their are those members who put their all into their community outside ADP and despite even the strongest adversity from mother nature, these extraordinary people fight day and night, everyday, to re-build something lost, to create something new and more exciting, to give back to the community their amazing devotion by way of their outstanding deeds.  Their belief and their love is so strong that not even hurricanes can stop them.

Love for what we do can push us to the limits of choosing between what makes us happy and what makes others happy.  We may shift our goals for the love of someone else or we stay true to our selfish ends.  How far does an individual push themselve for their goal?  In healthy doses, ambition, knows no boundaries and can be considered competitive, but when does it become obsession? ... when we leave behind even that which could be, ultimately, dear to us for the sake of a career, or when we give it all up for the sake of another person's happiness?.

People leave behind their friends and family for the sake of earning a better income and providing a better life for their loved ones.  Somehow the abscence felt is compensated by the being able to provide for ... until the family can be reunited once again.

Of course, then ... when there is love between two people, the sky is, literally, the limits.  The only thing that stops two individuals is their lack of imagination.  Love makes mountain moves, it makes a person travel to the end of the world and back and makes you want to shout at the top of your lungs to the rest of the world ... Anything, in love, becomes possible, even the unthinkable.

But my question again to you all is ....

Just how far are you prepared to go in the name of love?

I shall look forward to your discussion on this ... Ok, I am being kicked off the hotel computer ... catch you all later ...

Robert Talmadge

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Re: How far are you prepared to go in the name of love?
11/21/2006 3:54:37 PM
Hi Venrina.

In the name of love. It is a song by U2, the Irish rock band.
For me Love is everything I hoped for and everything that
I need. For some, I would give my life for it. I will also
spend the rest of my life giving it to strangers.

When I was young I thought that it was romantic love
that I was yearning for, so I spent all of my time
trying to find it. When I did, I found that the passion
of romantic love was not everything that I thought.
It fell short of satisfying a deep inner need.

I learned that I must first have this love for myself
before I could give it to others. The answer was
partly in the love that my wife and I have nurtured
for so many years.

The second thing I learned was to have love, you
must first give it away. It must be free of obligation
or conditions. So I have come to know that it is
unconditional love that will bring on the advancement
of the spirit, the maturity of the soul.

When I give love I don't expect it in return, but
it is much better when it comes back to me,
not in the sense of recieving anything, but
in the sense that someone else's life was
somehow made better by it.

In the end it is what you have done to help others
that you carry into eternity with you.


Robert Talmadge To follow your dream, follow your heart.
Nan Herring

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Re: How far are you prepared to go in the name of love?
11/21/2006 4:13:45 PM
hi v,
love has to be in your heart. you are right. with love all things are possible. i sure have learned that. is it, that you have to love yourself first? i think maybe it is. to love in any way, or except love, you have to recognize it. if you have love in your heart you can give it and receive it. people try so hard to be intellectual about love, but unless you feel it in your heart you will never know what it is.
Re: How far are you prepared to go in the name of love?
11/21/2006 4:43:41 PM

Hi Venerina,

Got little time also!

Thanks for the opportunity.

Answer: To the ends of the earth!

Details can be worked out later for the history books.

For friends and  family I mean.

Have a Great Evening!


Network Your Way to Success. It's Fun! - You can have one or more!
Venerina Conti

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Re: How far are you prepared to go in the name of love?
11/21/2006 5:44:33 PM

Hello Robert

Thank you for your beautiful post ...

Wow ... what can I say? ... I agree with you ... unconditional love is the only love that truly satisfies and it's not a love that can be solely found between two people.  It is a love that comes from the higher self ... the spiritual ... the divine ... and it is the love that we find within ourselves ... within that place where silence reigns and yet ... within the silence there is a deafening voice ....

Love should never have expectances ... nor demands .... nor should it be given for ulterior motives or personal gain ... love is the reward in itself ....

The saying ... it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all is a wonderful one ... that I can only explain in the following way ...

To spread love is a gift from God ... he needs his angel helpers on earth ... it is an honour, which many may be blessed with ... and few may rise to the calling for ... or be strong enough to face .... because it does mean being hurt and moving on .... and I am not talking necessarily in a relationship way ... but, also, in a friends/relatives way .

How many times have you helped someone... shown them love ... only to have them turn around and be spiteful and nasty to you?  I know I have and several times ... the pain doesn't get any easier ... but learning to forgive brings peace back to my being ... and acceptance that this is a job ... and I do it as best as I can ...... because I choose to do it ....

Take care my dear friend

Warm wishes as always



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