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Re: How far are you prepared to go in the name of love?
4/18/2007 7:06:01 PM

Allyson - Thank you very much for your beautiful post and the links.  I agree with you that the intangible world is becoming ever more apparent and that we need new ways to look at things and define them.  That is exactly why I have started my new forum on the Transpersonal world.  Please do check it out when you have time.  I think you will be a great asset and have so much to contribute to it. 


Tamara - Thank you for your post.  I love the analogy.  There can never be a rose without a thorn ... the question is ... would you want love to be like a rose without the occasonal thorn? ... surely the prickle is what keeps the feelings alive. 


Laurie - Thank you for posting and I think you expressed yourself very well.  What you could do is try to relax a little and close your eyes.  When you feel completely relaxed, imagine this love in your mind's eye.  when you feel it surrounding you ... open your eyes and try to write down anything and everything that comes to mind.  You may be surprised at how you can express all the emotion you have.


Take care and a hug




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