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Rose Enderud

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Artshow please contribute and enjoy
8/3/2006 1:10:35 PM
Welcome to the Art show.

There are some great works here.

Please feel free to respond directly to the other artists posts. They all deserve your feedback.


I work in oils. These are places I see in my minds eye.  I have not been to them. I have had people tell me that some of my paintings remind them of places they have been.  I just paint what I feel at the moment. I hope you like them.
Mostly I do landscapes. Occasionally a flower picture sneeks in.

My site
My paintings for sale can be seen at or contact me at


Deleted posts Jan. 2007
Posts with comments older than Aug 15, 2006 were deleted to create an emphasis on the art. I appreciate each of you and your feedback.  I thank everyone who has come by and supported this forum. I want everyone to see all the artists and their links. Please come back. We are continually looking for talent for you to enjoy.

Slide shows
Anybody that wants to do a slide show and cannot make it work, please post your html and I will do a post to put the slide show up, or PM me with the html. The only way I can make it work is to post, then go back and edit.
Check out the how to thread for imformation from Anamaria and myself as we played with it we posted our progress.

The Art Exhibitions at Adlandpro
I have started an Exhibition forum with the help of Jenny SJ and Venerina Conti. We are exhibiting one artist every three weeks. The exhibits will include all venues, painting, photography, crafts, etc. The exhibits will stay up so you can send your friends to them anytime. This is the place to get your work seen so we can consider it for the exhibitions. Once an exhibition is published we also put in on a team blog to gain more exposure.

Forum history August 2007
This forum was started in August 2006. It continues to attract artists and artisians. I contunue to be amazed by the talent I find here. Artists who find thier way here are considered for the art exhibition forum. This is where we get our first look at most of the artists work.

There are works of art posted on these pages 1,3,4,5,6,8,10,11,12,20,21,23,25,27,28,29,30,32,
55. I will edit this list as we gain artists.
These pages contain links to artists web pages.  2,3,4,7,17,19,20,21,24,27,31,34,37,43,44,45,49,50, 53,54,55.
There are some incredibly talented people here.

Re: Some of my artwork
8/3/2006 1:57:23 PM

Rose, lovely work!! I have alot of art work but how do you load it into the forum? I am ignorant of these things! Sorry!

As Always, God Bless!

Sincerly Susan

Re: Some of my artwork
8/3/2006 2:00:59 PM



Nice to meet you.  These are wonderful. Unfortunately I can only draw strait lines.

I'm more of the poet type.  I also do a little quilting on the side.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.




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Re: Some of my artwork
8/3/2006 2:08:29 PM

Very Nice.

Here are a couple of my sketch.


(click the sketch to enlarge)


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Mary Hofstetter

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Re: Some of my artwork
8/3/2006 4:31:41 PM


These are fantastic.  I did not know you were an artist.

Will you please come over to the folk festival at "Once Upon A summer"s Day".

You will meet other artists, make some new friends and best of all share your wonderful talent. 


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