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List Building for the novice
7/25/2006 12:18:25 PM
We all know that the "success is in the list", but do we really know how to build that list? I know that I have had limited success in building my small but loyal list and want to continue to build it stronger than ever. I am putting out a call to all who have had success in this very important first step, to share their knowledge with their friends. For those, like me, who have had some success but now need to expand that to greater realize our potential and for those who have no idea whatsoever how to begin, I invite you to post your questions here. Let's build our community even stronger by empowering all our friends to achieve the success that is in a solid list! Tracey Some excellent first steps to building can be taken by checking out these programs
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Re: List Building for the novice
7/25/2006 12:59:14 PM

Hi WitchyWoman

It takes lots of work to build good lists and there are many programs out there that help with that. But one of the main things that needs to be done, no matter what system you use, is to advertise it in order to get people to sign up and or just go to what it is you are offering in order to get that persons name and email address. SO I am going to help out by giving you all 1000s of FREE Hits and Free Ads. Just go to the links below and get your FREE TRAFFIC!!!

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Re: List Building for the novice
7/25/2006 1:06:15 PM
WOW JR! Thanks for the encouragement and all the great ways to help us build our lists! It is greatly appreciated! Can anyone teach the basic set up for a lead capture page and how to leink it to your affiliate site or web page? This information would be immensely helpful for those of us just starting to build web pages. Thanks to JR and anyone who can help with the lead capture! Tracey (Some excellent first steps to building can be taken by checking out these programs )
Want to know how to make your business a HIT?? You Know "The Money Is In The List" - But Don't Have One? Signup, Login, & Send!
Re: List Building for the novice
7/25/2006 1:53:17 PM

Hi Tracy;

Your bringing an extremely important point in bulding an online business.

Business is made for a client... just as a show  is made for an audience

Most of the strong points I've gathered from those who have made their way up to the top. Has one thing to say...I can almost here them sing in unison...Give something of value to your target market. 

Why a targeted market?

Because yu cannot cater to everybody's needs. If you think that you have a product that could satisfy every breathing human being. Then you have a BIG task ahead of you and of course not to mention the amount of advertising it's gonna cost you.

So you're better off starting on a targeted market. Think of a 'niche', something like a group of people who has a need and want, not what you want. And build your idea around it. Create a book, an info material, a reference, offer a service or anything that you think could solve that need.

No matter how good your offer if it's not offered to a targetted market, nobody's going to take a product they don't need.

That's the reason why e-bay is so successful because people now have a place to dump their stuff from the garage or from their attic and earn some money. Do you think they'll still take something that they don't need?

If you have a steak that was grilled to perfection by famous chef, there's no amount of garnish that can convince the vegetarian to take it for free.

Find a need, fulfill their wants and you'll have a loyal audience.

Once you found the niche, and fill the need.  You need to expose and announce, start your own website. It doesn't have to be fancy and expensive. Under 100 bucks can get you very descent site. Something that you have full control...

I'm not talking about those FREE replicating websites, they won't serve your needs, you need to have your own access to control panel. Here's where you'll find here You Very Own Website... They said that you don't own a business if you don't own a site.

You need a site that is affordable to begin with but has enough room for expansion as your business grow.

Next you need to present your landing page as your storefront...make sure that your salescopy starts with a headline that compells your visitors/traget market to read more and not click away. Avoid dynamic graphics...they'll just eat up the bandwidth and cause your visitors computer to load very slowly. before they can even see a glimpse of your page...they're gone to the next link..

Stay away from banners. Too many links creates confusion. Too many ads will also lead your visitors away to another site..unless that link is going to make you more money than your service or product then for all reason go ahead...flaunt your link.

If you don't have time or your not comfortable writing your salescopy.

You can find a flat fee rate for ghost writers, it'll cost you some money.

But hey, it's your business!

If you are going to build a store and after spending your arm and leg with all the bells and whistles on the doorstep, would you hire some punk kid on the street corner to be at your storefont to speak to your visitor?

If you talk to me it'll cost you even less, I was just release from that punk university so I'm better than that kid. LOL.

If you don't want to invest a dime in your business then at least spend some money on a resume and go find a job somewhere else.

There you can trade your time for money and you don't really need to invest.

Where you goin'... come back here I'm not done yet...find that job later if you think you cannot do this simple things that I'm saying here.

Back to the online business...

Then you'll have to have a capture page to begin your opt-in list. This is where you stash your offer, controlled on a timely released, it's kind'a like an autopilot mailing release.

Let your visitor sign up to your mailing list before they can get hold of your nuggets then they get included in your database.

I highly recommend a service that is top in the industry and cost less than the rest...and pls. stay away from FREE autoresponder if you don't want your site shutdown by your server due to spamming; if you share your database with some company that runs a free autoresponder, the likelihood of them using your list is almost certain.

Why do you think they offer their free service for; to get a date with your Mom? Agh ,Agh, I don't think so.

Here is what I recommend...check this out for 17 bucks a month you'll get a royal treatment from this on this link...git me dat autresponder now!!!

So when are you gonna start?  No! I don't mean looking for a job.

I mean, start your own website? Confuse? Don't know where to start? You know where to find me? I'm a mouse click away...OK!

So I think that's it folks...If your asking yourself.  Why you should believe what  I've just posted?

Because I say so. LOL.

I am no expert in traffic generation. But I'm a good student just graduated from punk university and I'm working my way there with all the guru's...what's their names again?.... You know who I mean.

See you all at the top...

If you need a copy for your landing to me.

Joel Inocencio
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Re: List Building for the novice
7/25/2006 1:57:21 PM
Thanks Tracey I am eager to learn more. I will be back to read more responses to your forum. i am just a beginner here.

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