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RE: Writing can be challenging for sure
1/26/2020 2:18:45 AM
mike1.jpgFor over forty-five years I have been following the progression of the space program and at one time in the mid seventies I was a member of the L-5 Society, (a group of space enthusiasts that was backed by NASA). Back then, everything was done by phone or snail mail, which made schedules very difficult to keep. Plus, although the membership dues were very low, it was hard to get people to join with the money up front. NASA

paid for advertising on our local T.V. station that was located in Providence Rhode Island, (My chapter was in Taunton, Ma.) My ad appeared right after Star Treck with William Shatner and Leonard NeMore (I believe that is how it was spelled. My home phone number was in the ad for people to call. It seems that when I was not home, my ex-wife went through all of those messages and deleted them. I found that out one day when a call came in when I was home, I answered it, and the person on the other end said that he had left at least six messages over the past week. I asked my wife about it, she said there were at least fifty messages, and she deleted them all. I am not a violent man, I was very angry, and I just took a long walk until I could calm down. Right now, I am just trying to get back just a little bit of what I have lost over the years. My present wife Shirley may not always believe in everything that I do, but she would never delete any of my messages or keep anything from me. There are still a lot of obstacles to overcome, and new technologies to discover, but we can do.
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