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Michael Caron
This forum is about the existence of UFO's and the fact that more revelations are coming out every single day. We are not alone. We never have been nor will we ever be alone. Join us and express your thoughts on the matter. Everyone is welcome here. Always have been, always will be. Please get involved and give us your thoughts GOD BLESS YOU ~Mike~
1/8/2020 12:00:41 AM
Michael Caron
In this forum, I would like to discuss the best way to write science fiction stories. Over the years I have attempted to write short stories that would be of interested to people, but have always come up short. Without going into the past of stories of my failures that bored you as well as me, what I am going to do is post some of my smaller stories and ask for opinions as to whether I should continue with the story or drop it. Any suggestions will be welcome, just don't be too rude.
3/13/2020 5:32:18 PM
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