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Re: GreenZap and Mazumah Are From The Same Guy ... Damon Westmoreland ...AND ...
3/20/2006 4:01:20 AM
Hi Kenneth, Thanks a lot for the info. You do a great service to the Adland community. I don't see how anyone can argue with links to the BBB. Keep up the good work. I agree that everyone is responsible for their choices, but in the real world friends care if their friends lose money. If someone promotes too may bad opportunities, people get the impression they're just in it for the money, as opposed to genuinely trying to help others be successful. No one should expect anyone to be perfect, but your success is tied to your reputation. It's obvious to me, Kenneth, that you are one who cares about your online friends. Take care, Donna Knight
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Re: GreenZap and Mazumah Are From The Same Guy ... Damon Westmoreland ...AND ...
3/20/2006 4:25:20 AM
Hello and thank you Donna. Thank you for seeing the work that goes in to be as reliable as possible. I have seen a few people take this kind of research and react to it as if it was a personal attack from their misunderstandings of what is being done here. Sure there are opinions to everything but people need to weed out just that and look for the facts. I do my best to lead by doing and you are right I do care. Thank you again and hope to see you around more often. __________ Newest Release: Podcasting For Fun & Profit! Podcasting Teleprompter - Make Yourself Sound Like A Pro! FREE Niche Report AlertPay - A BETTER Alternative to PayPal Coming soon "Ads By The Squares" Kenneth R Sword Jr Co-CEO - Bizzy Blogz Copy this link to your RSS Reader:
Re: GreenZap and Mazumah Are From The Same Guy ... Damon Westmoreland ...AND ...
10/3/2007 5:07:19 PM
Hi Kenneth,

I just came across this. I signed up my charity as a gold member in 2005 and at one point Greenzap was taking out $100 a month for one year. Everything seemed to be okay for a while. But I was not seeing any benefit from the membership. Because I committed so much money I decided to ride it out.

Recently I cancelled the bank account associated with our Greenzap account, however I noticed that Mazumah kept pulling money from the account. I then saw your article and was crushed. Now I cannot even login to the Greenzap site.

This is horrible. All I wanted to do was raise funds for the charity and now it seems that this asshole Damon Westmoreland was just stealing from us.

Any suggestions on what I can do to get the charity's money back?

I know, I know it was stupid of me to fall for this scam. If anyone has any practical suggestions please offer them.

- Paul Turner


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