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GreenZap and Mazumah Are From The Same Guy ... Damon Westmoreland ...AND ...
2/17/2006 5:14:57 AM
Damon Westmoreland, creator of GreenZap ... Is GreenZap created by a scammer and convicted felon? You decide. All I can say is read, read and read ... ========================================== From link above: LinkMo you should be tarred a feathered if your involved in any way with the GreenZap scam artists....... Oh, but wait... Their whois info does have contact info now....BUT the address given is a rented mail box in the PostalAnnex store (which is conveniently located inside Ralphs Grocery Store in La Jolla) Aah, but the phone number on Greenzap's whois is the same as that for, (warning this one attempts drive-by install), (the SSL certificate on the Greenzap server is also for which greenzap shares a server with) ... ...VERY interesting reading: ..."Most interestingly, Damon Westmoreland is in Phase Two of his travel scam career. Does anybody remember was another "travel and cash rewards program" that was shut down in 2001 by the US Postal Service for perpetrating MAIL FRAUD. The San Diego BBB linked DAMON WESTMORELAND to this former incarnation of the SCAM. No need to help this MLM Ponzi scheme operator as you can bet the 25.00 ghost account spiff turns into a requirement to place a 100.00 account deposit revealing your privacy info and credit/banking info to a know con-man.... Another link to Damon Westmoreland's former SCAM (Jet99's big brother): JET99.COM Members: Does This Sound Familiar? (excerpt from the InfoWorld article) " [Postal authorities seize the cash flow of the Internet outfit known as] PayLine made incredible promises through its Web site and a sophisticated e-mail marketing campaign. First, you'd pay $200. Then you'd sign up two other members. After that, you'd get a pro rata share of 50 percent of all the money received from future members, to be divided among older members. In addition, you'd receive one free "travel mile" for every member who joined after you, whether or not you'd personally enrolled them. PayLine promised thousands of miles of free airline tickets. More than 290,000 Internet users had "preregistered" by e-mail as of the last time I checked a digital counter at the site, which I believe to be accurate. " It looks like DAMON WESTMORELAND is rather unimaginative. The only thing he changed from to was the fact that the US Postal Service cannot touch him this time around, because he is now using the Internet for all monetary exchanges. What the scammer failed to realize is that he is not out of reach of the State Attorney General and the FBI. While Damon imagined himself as being clever this time around, he did not stop to think that unlike past US Mail deliveries, all electronic financial transactions are 100% traceable. Both credit card transactions and electronic checks are stored indefinitely in databases that can be subpoenaed by law enforcement agencies. Hey Damon, one step forward, 99 steps back! Contact Info Known Addresses for DAMON E. WESTMORELAND, age 32: 101 State Pl, Escondido, CA 92029 1135 Vulcan Pl , Escondido, CA 92027 2426 Shadyridge Ave , Escondido, CA 92029 3410 Del Lago Blvd , Escondido, CA 92029 3525 Del Mar Heights Rd., #213, San Diego, CA 92130 5086 Playa Portofino Cmno , San Diego, CA 92124 6586 Ambrosia Dr , San Diego, CA 92124 8039 Caminito De Pizza , San Diego, CA 92108 PO Box 420404 , San Diego, CA 92142 PO Box 86332, San Diego, CA 92138 Known Phone Numbers: Cell: 858-335-7325 Business: 858-453-6188 Business: 858-509-1623 Known Email Addresses:I hope get scrapped by the e-mail spammers....LOL. Fact, as stated on the conference call: Damon Westmoreland, CEO of is also an owner of Only under pressure did he admit to this connection. was previously represented as an independent legitimate funding service. The fine print indicates that simply acts as a "trustee" of your money, as they are not a licensed financial management service or depository institution. Because facilitates its payment through private labeled ATM/ check-cards, they demand that you supply your SSN and date of birth, plus of course your street address. This enables the pyramid/Ponzi scam to victimize you in an identity theft scheme after they take your initial $119. Do you want Damon Westmoreland to have your sensitive information? Read On! Aside from the fact that and are one in the same, Damon Westmoreland has been busy hustling pyramid victims for the past 10 years or more. Here is a long list of revelations… Tele-Card Network FTC takes legal action against Damon Westmoreland for running an illegal pyramid scam. Scroll down to Tele-Card Network: Direct from the FTC. Search on Damon Westmoreland's company "Tele-Card Network": You may also call Andrew Kandel of the New York Bureau of Investor Protection & Securities for confirm Damon Westmoreland's (Tele-Card Network) past criminal actions: 212-416-8989. Also interesting reading, a search of the BBB by the whois phone number shows very interesting BBB reports for CardGlobal and Muzumah (which both share a phone number with greenzap)...the BBB report contains a little discussion on MLM and Pyramid Schemes No wonder there's no contact info on their web site __________________ Webmaster's... Mike and Charlie "What have you done today to put real value into a referral click...from a shoppers viewpoint!" =========================================== Do a search for Damon Westmoreland thru Google and look where members were coming from, are coming from and the new spamming that is going on by email. An ALP member sent me a copy of an email that they recieved stating that their Mazumah account was transferred to GreenZap. The funny thing is THE ALP MEMBER NEVER HAD A Mazumah ACCOUNT! You figure this out. Newest Release: Podcasting For Fun & Profit! Podcasting Teleprompter - Make Yourself Sound Like A Pro! 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Re: GreenZap and Mazumah Are From The Same Guy ... Damon Westmoreland ...AND ...
2/17/2006 5:59:23 AM
Kenneth, It appears we have another good example for people to really examine a company before they jump into it. If my memory serves me correctly, there was conterversy on this program even before the official launch. And even then we were receving invitations to "Get In At The Top" because it was going to be the latestest greatest deal on the internet! Now, the question is how many people will loose their reputation because they invited other members into a scam program? They may never regain the trust! If you want to maintain your integrity, and reputation choose your programs wisely! Do your due dillengence and investigate the players that are begining new programs. When you read where a person left a company where he was making a huge bundle of money to become a member in a new start up company, it should be a "Red Flag"! If they were making a hughe income, why should they switch and start all over again?
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Re: GreenZap and Mazumah Are From The Same Guy ... Damon Westmoreland ...AND ...
2/17/2006 6:37:49 AM
Hey Kenneth, It looks like my suspicions of GreenZap are true. I wonder where The Security guy is? I hope he is man enough to admit he made a mistake on this one. 12dailypro probably hasn't helped his ego out much either. Quite sad really. Thanks for sharing all your hard work :-) David
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Re: GreenZap and Mazumah Are From The Same Guy ... Damon Westmoreland ...AND ...
2/17/2006 7:47:12 AM
Hi Kenneth Interesting research you've been doing! Keep up the great work. I've just discovered another thing about GreenScam....I've been a free member for some time, and was just in the members area looking for a way to cancel the account. Guess what? There is no way to cancel an account! Is anyone surprised? lolol We'll see if they respond to the help ticket I put in to cancel. All the best,
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Re: GreenZap and Mazumah Are From The Same Guy ... Damon Westmoreland ...AND ...
2/17/2006 7:51:34 AM
Hi Kenneth I am in greenzap as gold member and I will let you know what happens in the front. I will stay a member as long as possible The $100 isnt the biggest point regard Ton 20338

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