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Dave Cottrell

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Re: Big Changes Coming at Adlandpro
2/1/2006 2:25:21 PM
Hi Anthony, You are "bang on," my friend. It costs money to run any business, and the bigger it gets, the more it costs. This is a great deal for everyone. The free members still get FAR more for free than paid members get on other communities, and paid members get a whole lot more for pennies! The TOTAL cost for premium membership, if a person waits until the promo period is over, is $139.00 per year, which amounts to 38 cents per day! A postage stamp costs more! God bless, Dave
Diana Briere

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Re: Big Changes Coming at Adlandpro
2/1/2006 5:04:01 PM
Hi Dave. You sure know how to come through. I can't beleive how people are so influenced by the negative.All it takes is one person to start a whole nest egg of negative feedback to get the ball rolling into a downward spiral. Bogdan stated that the free members would have 95% of what paid members have and few bothered to notice that. Thanks for your forum and stating all the facts. From Diana
Bogdan Fiedur

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Re: Big Changes Coming at Adlandpro
2/1/2006 5:53:36 PM
Hello Dave, I usually put more info when I reply to posts but in this case there is nothing more I can add to what you have already stated Dave. And thank you Anthony for notifying me about this thread. I have spent half a day today on calming some people who were mislead to believe that from now on free members will have to pay for everything. Again Amen to what you said Dave. Bogdan
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Re: Big Changes Coming at Adlandpro
2/1/2006 7:03:51 PM
HI Dave, Thanks for writing a very good and informative article. I don't see what all the hassle is about either. In my opinion, Adland will be even better than it is already, which is a good thing. Change and progress is not a bad thing, and if people look at it as a move that will enhance what they already have here, instead of thinking about a few dollars, I am sure that they would agree. I have to agree with you Dave, and I hope that others read this and see that there really is not something to get upset over. Thanks Dave for a great article! Marilyn
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Re: Big Changes Coming at Adlandpro
2/1/2006 7:36:56 PM
Dave, Very good presentation of the facts. I for one will be participating in the Adlander Program.
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