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Bogdan Fiedur

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RE: What do You Find Complicated about the Adlandpro Affiliate Program?
8/23/2013 2:13:12 AM
Hi Ken,

Thanks for letting me know about this thread.

I really wouldn't know what to tell any newcomers as I've been an affiliate since the program first started. My site is about advertising/online marketing and I have a Free Classifieds Directory, so that alone made it easy to attract referrals. The Adlandpro affiliate program was exactly what I was looking for to compliment my website's topic.

I do think, however, that having a blog would greatly help to bring in referrals. Have a link in the side column and add a short description of what Adlandpro has to offer. Also make a post in your blog with a longer description. If you do a lot of posting in your blog and it gets pushed off the page, get the direct link to it and post it in the side column under your short description as "click here for more info". Or you could do this on your website as well. That's about all I do.

As well, I do post on the free classifieds sites as I am always checking the links to the sites listed in my Free Classifieds Directory so I will post my ad on a lot of them while I'm there. My ad is for Adlandpro, but it is linked to my website where I have Adlandpro listed as one of the best places to advertise online.

I haven't found anything complicated about joining Adlandpro. But it has been quite a long time ago since I did join.

I hope this helps. If I think of anything else I'll post it.


Hi Susan,

Glad to finally have a conversation after so many years.

I hope we can get some things sorted out and get better tools for affiliates through discussion like this.

Is there anything you would like to suggest, to create better opportunity for affiliates and increase their loyalty to stay with the program and continue promoting it?

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Dave Cottrell

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RE: What do You Find Complicated about the Adlandpro Affiliate Program?
8/23/2013 5:25:11 AM
This thread has become a very productive discussion, and many thanks to Ken for suggesting it. (I believe it was Ken.)

Thank you, Susan, for popping in. You have underscored what I wanted to say, here. There is nothing like success to back up ideas.

The simplest way I know for anyone to start as and Adlandpro affiliate is with the Adlandpro Custom Pages, available under your affiliate area at (you need to be signed up as an affiliate and signed in.)

If you are on the Community page, click on the My Account link, then the Affiliate$ link. Everything you need to promote the Adlandpro affiliate program is on that page. Click on the Custom Page link in the left hand column and choose whether to make a stand alone page, or incorporate it into an existing page.

If you don't have your own website, get it. Period. There is no excuse not to, as you can get a free one from the custom page preview. Try it! Click the Preview link in the custom page area, then on the preview page, click the link for free web pages near the bottom of the right hand column.

Hint: Everything is easy if you take your time, read the directions and take everything step by step. Once you have a custom page set up, you are in business with your own classified ad site! All the links are affiliate links from Adlandpro, just waiting to make you money when you promote the page!
RE: What do You Find Complicated about the Adlandpro Affiliate Program?
8/24/2013 12:39:15 AM
I think that having a very active community/forum is a big help. If there was some way to tie the community in with the affiliate program might help to get more affiliates. Not sure how much of a problem that would be though. Maybe write some new text ads for affiliates to use that would include the link to join Adlandpro and post free ads, and also have their referral link to join the community where many others are discussing topics such as online marketing/business techniques and tips.

Some new copy and paste text ads would certainly help. Banners are Ok, but I mainly prefer to use text ads. I don't always like to just copy and paste a text ad, sometimes I like to add my own personal touch to it, so as long as the program says it's Ok to do that. But I know a lot of people can't think of a good ad right away and want to get started so they prefer to copy and paste what is already available, then later come up with ideas on their own.

Maybe a "Quick Start" page that new affiliates will see as soon as they sign up that will give them the ads and links they need to start promoting the affiliate program and community right away, then a link for more information on the affiliate program would be a help to them?

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Diane Bjorling

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RE: What do You Find Complicated about the Adlandpro Affiliate Program?
8/24/2013 12:51:49 AM
Very good and welcomed suggestions Susan...thanks for coming in and giving useful and needed suggestions.

I know that I certainly appreciate it!
Jim Allen

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RE: What do You Find Complicated about the Adlandpro Affiliate Program?
8/24/2013 2:04:47 PM
Ken, don't feel bad, I have yet gotten a handle on the Affiliate program myself. I am not even listed among those promoters myself. My challenge is finding folks that have never been here on someone else's link yet didn't take action. So my posting or yours may bring them back for another look but their upgrade or purchase credit goes to someone else that may not even be active here any longer. These cookies or whatever should be short lived instead of lifers.

Yes the Affiliate program is quite wordy on the descriptions too. People simply DO NOT READ these days they need a video or some cute graphic but read a bunch of text and then comprehend it? Are you kidding me?! With our education system..... you are joking right? Sorry I get carried away.

So far I see no one is finding it complicated for the AdlandPro Affiliate Program.?

That sounds more like a statement than a question Mark!

I am sorry that I am holding fast to my belief that the Affiliate Program in Adlandpro is complicated. I have spent a lot of time trying to explain how it could be so much simpler.

I would like for those who find it simple to give examples of what they are doing to have success in simple terms that even I can understand. We have had some nice graphics displayed over the past year. Where are they now. Can anyone find them and use them?

We probably do have some affiliates that are having success but they are not saying what it is that is working. I have shown in several forums that I have what I am doing to attract people from other communities.

On the Home page under the Community Tab you can click on Credits, and
You can view the top earners here to find out who's ahead this month. Then click on the referral tab see who is having success.

I am not even on the list so I guess it would not be a good idea fro me to share what I am doing.

Oh how the time flies when you are having is already 2marO.


May Wisdom and the knowledge you gained go with you,

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