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RE: Welcome to our Mold Mare.
7/4/2013 11:36:08 AM
Hello Bill

Not everyone who sells a product is ``just`` wanting some exposure. There are many of us who really care about people who are ill and are only selling the products we sell because what these products do for people. Often we make very little or nothing doing it. I cannot speak for others but I spend considerable effort and time trying to obtain the best products I can.

Why should people be so afraid of someone marketing his product? We refer people to stores and sales all the time because we think we are doing people a favor. We buy from ads on TV but when our friend is selling something we won`t even hear about it?

The only problem I see on forums is that once you allow people to talk about what they sell, soon you have everyone just talking about their products and I can see that becoming a problem. The ones that really get to me are the ones who obviously care only about making their sales while contributing nothing to the topic of the forum. They are user-losers in my opinion ...and what they are doing is so obvious.


Hi Myrna.. It seems your friend just wanted some exposure for a product he is marketing... There is nothing specific about mold that I can see on the capture page ... Maqrketing is somethiung that I am trying to avoid in this group.. I may add a thread later where people can market their goods and services but for now,, I would rather not allow aqnd type of sales or marketing into this group
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RE: Welcome to our Mold Mare.
7/5/2013 9:13:18 PM
Hi Helen... you bring up some good points.. It is again,, the few that have made it difficult for the many.. Some people just breathe marketing and cannot show the least bit of genuine interest in another topic.. These are the ones I am trying to avoid.. Later on,, when I have some real membership in this group,,I will open a thread just for marketing.. That way people will always have a choice about seeing it or not.. I want to focus on building this group first though and that will take some time.. Thanks for your interest in this group and for you input Helen... I look forward to seeing you again..
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RE: Welcome to our Mold Mare.
7/7/2013 12:16:01 AM
Hi Bill! Hi All!

If I only had a working brain, I could actually register correctly! lolol

Seriously, the Best of Luck with this as time goes by. I think between Hurricane Sandy and the flooding that will unfortunately be happening with the odd climate changes... you will eventually have a busy place that folks will be accessing for information.
I know that I peruse many a site on countless forums or just blogs for their valuable details without ever logging in or commenting. That's the beauty of a stationary place for info. I think.
Just be sure to try to stay well yourself my friend!

Love ya,
With much respect
Jan :-)
RE: Welcome to our Mold Mare.
7/8/2013 4:37:35 PM
Hello Jan
I appreciate you stopping by. You are the 13 th member in this group so we are growing ,,, slow but sure... I have had some very successful forums in this network before so I am sure we can build another one.. It takes time and patience and I have only one of those.. I do have plenty of time and hopefully,, that will compensate for my lack of patience. Thanks again Jan...
May a smile follow you to sleep each night and,,,,,be there waiting,,,,,when you awaken Sincerely, Billdaddy
RE: Welcome to our Mold Mare.
7/9/2013 5:44:42 PM
I would like to continue here with another personal experience story about how mold has effected someones life. Again,,, I am leaving the names out for privacy matters but the person whose story this is ,is certainly welcome to add something if they like..

  • We lived in our house for ten years. When we moved into our home October 2001 we were normal and healthy. As time went by we started getting sick and it progressed from there. Our diagnosis seem like a medical book instead of a humans medical issues. We didn't know we had mold in our home until March 2011. We had four types of mold, two being black. My husband has abnormal brain leisons, polyneuropathy, mononeuritis, diabeties, pulmonary valve disorder, dementia, high blood pressure...the list goes on.

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  • I have Demineralization of the frontal bones, Fungal infection in jaw bone and have lost 7 teeth in five years (every dentist I go to tells me they can help with the implants but have no idea why I have huge pus pockets because I do not have gum disease or infected teeth) I have food allergies i've never had before where my throat closes up, brain fog and memory loss.

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We moved out of our house 3 weeks after finding out about the mold. The last ten months h e improved some of the problems which prove mold. The medical society has failed us completly. We were so relieved to finally find that mold could be causing our medical issues as everyone in our life thought we were crazy going to the doctor all the time. Boy, the joke was on us. We had the door shut in our face over and over from the medical community, the insurance companies had no idea if they covered any medical test for mold because they didn't know what test should be administered. Going back and reading my journals prior to finding out we had mold is our life after finding out we had mold is down right devastating. Weve done everything we can to help cure ourselves because the medical community won't or can't..whichever it is. The people stricken with what we suffer remind me of the Coke song I loved as a child, the sad thing is brain fog stops me from recalling the words all I can tell you is I see hundreds standing on a stage united together..............please help us make a difference if not to us the ones that come after us.

May a smile follow you to sleep each night and,,,,,be there waiting,,,,,when you awaken Sincerely, Billdaddy

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