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RE: OIL SPILL - Responsibility
6/19/2010 3:08:34 PM
Well, I just heard that Tony Hayward has been asked to step down. That's the least they can do.

Thanks for the posts Luis, Pat and Sara. My gosh it's so appalling the callousness of so many that should have been doing everything possible to get the spill cleaned up and do what's right for the people and the wild life of the gulf coast regions.

I agree with you Pat...the Texas Congressman made a huge blunder by the comments he made. It seems that there's no shortage of stupidity. What was he thinking?

Hopefully, some real progress is being made finally.


How about part interest (investment) in BP and other oil companies!!?? I wonder how many congressmen/women asking those questions have a stake in the oil companies!

What happened to morale?

Main Entry: mo·rale
Pronunciation: \mə-ˈral\
Function: noun
Etymology: in sense 1, from French, from feminine of moral, adjective; in other senses, modification of French moral morale, from moral, adjective
Date: 1752

1 : moral principles, teachings, or conduct
2 a : the mental and emotional condition (as of enthusiasm, confidence, or loyalty) of an individual or group with regard to the function or tasks at hand b : a sense of common purpose with respect to a group : esprit de corps
3 : the level of individual psychological well-being based on such factors as a sense of purpose and confidence in the future


Patricia Bartch

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RE: OIL SPILL - Responsibility
6/19/2010 6:11:30 PM

I think Queen Elizabeth II should.......



Mr Haywood is off having a good time. Looks to me like he doesn't have a care in the world.

BP CEO Tony Hayward attends posh English yacht race as a break from Gulf oil spill crisis

BP CEO Tony Hayward attends posh English yacht race as a break from Gulf oil spill crisis

Saturday, June 19th 2010, 12:23 PM

Poll Results

Thank you for voting.

Does BP CEO Tony Hayward deserve a break from the oil spill crisis?

Yes, it's a stressful situation and everyone deserves some time off. 35%
No, he should work night and day until the oil stops leaking in the Gulf. 63%
I don't know. 2%

Embattled BP Chief Executive Tony Hayward took a break from manning the massive Gulf Coast oil spill Saturday to attend a posh yacht race in England.

"It's a well-known event in the British calendar. He's entitled to private time with his family," said BP spokesman Robert Wine.

Hayward -- who infamously quipped that he'd like the devastating spill stopped so he could "get (his) life back" -- was watching his boat "Bob" in the J.P. Morgan Asset Management Round the Island Race Saturday off the Isle of Wight.

"He's continuing to work hard. You don't have to be physically in a location to remain in charge of the response," said Wine.

He declined to say when Hayward would return to the Gulf Coast mess but confirmed it is his first recreational trip since the disaster began.

"At some point in the near future, he'll be back in the U.S.," said Wine.

Back in the Gulf, attempts to control the spill hit another snag Friday night when a system catching crude near the busted rig was shut down.

The device was stopped because of a "blocked frame arrestor," but it is expected to restart Saturday after a lightning storm leaves the area, BP announced on its website.

The systems can capture up to 28,000 barrels daily, and Friday it collected and burned off 24,500 barrels before the 8:23 p.m. shutdown, the company reported.

The latest setback comes as BP executives debate who is in charge of the massive spill that is crippling the fishing and tourism industry in Gulf states.

Chairman Carl Henric Svanberg announced Friday that Hayward was no longer the go-to man for the clean up operation.

"It's clear Tony had made remarks that have upset people," Svanberg told Britain's Sky News TV.

Hayward angered Congress this week during heated hearings on the spill when he offered few answers on how the spill started, claiming he didn't know or couldn't respond because it was being investigated.

Instead, Managing Director and American-born Bob Dudley will be handling day-to-day operations, Svanberg said.

But BP's team backed off their boss's claims.

"Until the acute part of this crisis is over, until the leak is capped, Tony Hayward is still very much in charge in the response of this crisis," White said.

The company had announced earlier this month that Dudley would step in once the spill was over and reporting to Hayward, who would work on restoring confidence in the global company.

"There is no hard fast date on that," said Wine.

One thing is clear: An estimated 65 to 121.6 million gallons of oil have spilled into the sea since the catastrophe started April 20.

Read more:

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RE: OIL SPILL - Responsibility
6/19/2010 6:15:39 PM

My Dear Adland friends,

Thank you all for your concern and views.

As a British subject I share the shame of this company which was indeed a British company. As a multi-national company the majority of shares are now not in British hands but association still is.

What this thing has done is to bring out the pollution levels contributed by companies of nations worldwide and here unfortunately the USA does not come out well. I say this, not to score a point but to say this. "In our names, worldwide, pollution of a terrible extent is being inflicted on this planet by most developed nations and through ignorance by less developed nations.

As one incident this is a horror. There have been others and there will be again I'm sad to say, more in future.

What we need now is an international cry for common sense. There are alternatives to oil yet we continue to plug away at finding more. We try something eco-friendly and that backfires too.

In some countries huge areas of forest are disappearing to clear land to grow palm oil; plants. The result is a loss of natural environment and an unsustainable agricultural policy.

Let's hope that governments start listening more to those who understand the management of our planet better.

A similar situation occurrs in other field of human activity. A wealthy friend of mine died recently. For many years he had turned his back TOTALLY on general medicine but because of this it was too late when he was rushed to hospital and diagnosed bowel cancer. He was told that a scan would have picked it up long before it was terminal.

Lesson. Look at all resources and ignore no possibilities. We need to act with intelligence.


Jim Allen

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RE: OIL SPILL - Responsibility
6/22/2010 11:48:34 PM
Hello Roger and ALP Friends and others,

I have read with great interest everything I can find on this Gulf Oil Spill. I know Obama didn't cause it, I know BP didn't want it to happen. Our regulators failed on Obama's watch. They had just green lighted the review and safety inspections of the BP wells. 29 I think and two of which had concerns but neither were the Deep Water Horizon. There are many owners involved in this well as well as many in industries related to drilling these deep wells. Laying blame on one entity, Obama or others at this time is impossible until investigations and information is available. Jumping to conclusions is wrong.

The real problem, blame and criticism should lay with those that covered up any known issues, leakage amounts, chemical disperseents used, why burn the oil off as opposed to collect it, why the moratorium while bankrolling an even deeper well for Brazil to the tune of 2 BILLION US DOLLARS while AMERICAN Families, your and my neighbors entire lives are subject to be drastically changed forever. By never letting a good crisis go to waste! Let's Push CAP AND TAX on Americans too. Hell we invented the technology that helps to power the world, it was our inventors, entrepreneurs and scientist that gave the world energy as in electricity, light bulbs,engines, cars, cures to diseases and so much more. And this president and his followers are trying to destroy the USA, to what end?

The first thing our zerObama did was let it simmer a bit, next he made a few face appearances, then he called in a bunch of intellectual eggheads and elitist with no real experience on a drilling site ever, to consult with, he even called in scientists and misused their words, next he started pushing Cap n Trade!????? And he has yet to waive the Jones Act so the skimmers can go to work, next he sicced his attack dog Holder onto BP and set up a Trust Fund, now we all know what happened to the Social Security Trust Fund, don't we?

It gets better while Hayward, who has been relieved of day to operations attends a yacht race with his son and is crucified by the left wing nut jobs and our president is swinging clubs alone, attending baseball games alone, and making sales stops nationwide. Our salesman and chief is not spending anytime with Michelle and the kid nor on our business and its OKAY! Sheeesh! Have we all joined the Twilight Zone?

Here is an article I ask you to read and also do a little research on CRIME, Inc. the pet name for what is happening not only to America but worldwide. The problem is if America loses what the Founders bestowed upon us the World Loses Big Time. IMHO

Goldman Sach’s, a prominent member of Obama’s Crime Inc, is knee deep in the oil mess in the gulf.

Media ignores Goldman Sachs' ties to Corexit dispersant that the EPA says in toxic to sea life and man.

A New York times reporter asked why BP was using the 100 % toxic and only 54 percent effective dispersant Corexit when twelve other dispersants proved more effective in EPA’ testing.

BP spokesman Jon Pack defended the use of Corexit (According to the Alaska Community Action on Toxics, the use of Corexit during the Exxon Valdez oil spill caused "respiratory, nervous system, liver, kidney and blood disorders" in people.) According to the EPA, Corexit is more toxic than dispersants made by several competitors, which he said was decided in consultation with EPA. He called Corexit "pretty effective" and said the product had been "rigorously tested." Essentially BP telling us that the EPA, the some Government Agency that is publically demanding BP cut back on Corexit, is that making an sense to to9

The same Times article reported that the Nalco spokesman:

“Charlie Pajor, spokesperson for NALCO who makes Corexit, said the decision on what to use was out of his company's hands. He also declined to comment on EPA comparison tests, saying only that lab conditions cannot necessarily replicate those in the field. "The decision about what's used is made by others -- not by us," he said.”

The primary reasons that Corexit was used instead of Dispirsit, which EPA testing shows to be a third less toxic, BP is hedging its losses with the profit it will make with its investment in Nalco along with other Crime Inc. members. If we follow the money we’ll find Obama’s buddies Goldman Sachs and friends.” The Liberal Lying media, New York Times, ignores this connection and turns towards another investor in Corexit, Exxon.

The real players are Goldman Sachs the Blackstone Group and Apollo Management. The Blackstone Group, Apollo Management L. P. and Goldman Sachs Capital Partners bought Ondeo Nalco.

The Goldman Sachs connection is newsworthy; I think that their $4.3 billion purchase of Nalco in 2003 would be worth mentioning, especially in light of their short trade on TransOcean (the world's largest offshore drilling contractor. Ignoring the short sales are another example how The Times is a bogus news outlet. How did Goldman know that TransOcean was going to blow up and pollute the Gulf of Mexico?

Also please pay attention to Glenn Beck, do your own research and he ain't such a nut job after all.

There are four videos in this series and they all can be found here

In closing it may be too late to apologize

Thanks for a good discussion, thus far, Roger.

May Wisdom and the knowledge you gained go with you,

Jim Allen III
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Roger Macdivitt .

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RE: OIL SPILL - Responsibility
6/23/2010 12:20:05 AM


Great research and information.

There are so many interlocked scandals that the stink can be smelt in every corner of the world. Who the Ghostbuster will have to be is anybody's guess, but we sure as h... need somebody.

Thanks again Jim and you too Pat for your great posting.



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