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Luis Miguel Goitizolo

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RE: OIL SPILL - Responsibility
6/11/2010 10:31:49 AM

"Choose a job you love and you will not have to work a day in your life" (Confucius)

RE: OIL SPILL - Responsibility
6/11/2010 4:17:50 PM


Roger, Michael, Luis - just read most of the posts here, I want to come back later and read Mike's again. All I have to add is what Luis said.



Roger Macdivitt .

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RE: OIL SPILL - Responsibility
6/11/2010 7:31:31 PM

Luis and Sara,

Thank you for caring. I would even accept anger and accusation here, but it seems that just a few of us represent the Global responsibility at Adland.

I used to think that hate would be the death of this planet but it would appear that apathy might be a greater contender.


Cheryl Baxter

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RE: OIL SPILL - Responsibility
6/12/2010 8:25:54 AM

Your Quote:

I would place the blame on those from the last administration that signed the deal knowing full well that Haliburton was involved. Even though George W. Bush is no longer President, he is still succeeding in ruining the whole world.

Unfortunately the Obama administration also blames everything on the prior administration. The federal government under the current President's watch took a long time to respond, Louisiana's governor had been asking for many days for help and finally some started being sent, yet not nearly enough. It is the federal governments responsibility to act swiftly in this kind of disaster. There could have been a lot done at first that would have helped to contain the oil. While I don't believe that it was President Obama's fault for the accident, of course not, but the lack of swift action was not helpful to the disaster. George Bush hasn't been the President for a year and a half now, but every time something happens there are always fingers pointing back at him, saying it's all his fault. That's just ridiculous. I didn't know any one man was that powerful!!!

There's plenty of blame to go around, but just like the story you shared about the two fire chiefs arguing over who's responsibility the fire was to put out, there was a huge lapse of good judgement and lack of responsibility taken by the current administration.

Unfortunately...all men (women), including you, me & yes, Bush & Cheney, are human, & we sometimes make mistakes. We sometimes have a lapse in judgement. We sometimes just choose the wrong thing, & yes, it causes harm. Hopefully, we will learn from it.

Let's remember that we all benefit from oil. Try to live without it! So no, it's not just the politicians and the companies that benefit from oil. We need to figure out how to do things differently and safer.

Why do we (the US) need to spend billions and billions per year buying crude oil from foreign suppliers? Fact is, we need oil until other energy sources are used more & developed more...but then you start talking about not wanting to use our own resources because of the environmentalists and the politicians not allowing development for clean energy, etc, etc, and so forth. It's a double edged sword, isn't it. We're damned if we do, & damned if we don't. But we're really damned if the people go without oil, because then people like you and I would be saying "we need our oil, give us oil, we want it, we can't do without it."

No easy answers, my gosh can you imagine being the ones responsible to make the decisions???

Being human is hazardous. I don't think George Bush has the corner on being human, nor do I think does Obama. But the Lord's grace is still extended to us, in spite of us.



Thanks for the forum on this important topic. Mike said what he wanted to say & I'm glad that he did. He's a good guy...but I happen to disagree with his statements, so I wanted to respond.

The truth is that this is a huge travesty to see such a thing happen. The frustration that we all have over this can be seen so clearly. It's appalling, frustrating, sad, awful, gross, etc. It just makes me cry to see the wildlife covered with the slime, and impact that it is already having on the gulf coast states and the people that live there. This is going to be an environmental issue for a very long time to come. Louisiana is my neighbor to the east since I live in Texas. I have friends that live there, & I've visited there before.

Texas fishermen, as well as fishermen in a few states that haven't seen the oil coming into their waters or on shore, will be affected though. These fishermen are already having to pay higher processing charges for their shrimp according to several news sources. The economic impact will much broader than what you can see with the eye. We will all be affected by it ultimately.

RALEIGH, N.C. – U.S. shrimpers who comb seas unaffected by the oil-slickened Gulf are raising prices as demand for their catch rises, bringing a potential — but bittersweet — respite from some tough years.

"We are getting calls from buyers who haven't bought from us in awhile and who are offering more money," said Rutledge Leland, owner of Carolina Seafood in McClellanville, S.C.

Fishermen in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Texas, whose waters have not been affected by oil, say prices for their shrimp have gone up as processing plants that normally buy Gulf seafood turn to other docks for their supply.

Leland, who is also the mayor of the small fishing town, said the price for frozen shrimp has increased about 30 percent in the last couple of months, a jump he said was aided by the April 20 Gulf spill that has closed about a third of federal waters in the Gulf to fishing boats for fear of contaminated seafood.

The federal government has declared fishery disasters for Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida, which could bring emergency payments for commercial fishermen.

While 90 percent of the shrimp consumed in the U.S. is imported from overseas, most domestic shrimp is caught in the Gulf.

Fishermen who work outside the closed waters say they're not pleased to profit from the misfortune spreading from the Gulf. "We rather see us win because we have the best product than by default because somebody went out of business," said Sean McKeon, president of the N.C. Fisheries Association, which represents fishermen and their families


Just a short piece of this article is posted to highlight the fact that many more are affected by this than what you initially think of.

Thanks for listening,

Cheryl "browse our current properties" "check out our real estate blog" "online bibles, books, music, more"
RE: OIL SPILL - Responsibility
6/12/2010 2:07:29 PM

Roger and everyone posting here, I have watched with horror and anger everyday since this eruption began. When someone in the news refers to it as an oil LEAK, I can't contain my objection. It is not a LEAK, it is a GUSHING WELL OF OIL!!

When it was first released to the press and more information began pouring in, I was asking over and over "Why were they ever allowed to drill in waters that deep without a concrete plan in place for the possibility of an accident of this magnitude?" Every time Tony Hayward suggests a possibility of stopping it, he would say "but this has been done in only 500 ft. of water."

Everyone involved with the project was well aware that it was not a stable situation. Our US Government hires high-paid persons to inspect the operations and make sure they are safe. What do they do? They go there, BP(those in charge), make them best friends, send them and their families on luxury vacations, pamper them with 'goodies' and the inspectors report back that everything is just hunky dory. I am sure their reports to these department heads were well documented checklists signed and witnessed by them. Just another government form filled out and turned in on time to justify another paycheck. These are the reports that any administration would rely on to verify that all is well in the Gulf and elsewhere.

Listen to the stories told by the surviving members of this crew. Listen to the wives/spouses of those 11 men who lost their lives. They are referred to as 11 men without names, without families, just tossed aside as a now global disaster is taking place with no immediate end.

The gushing of oil must be stopped. (period) It makes no difference whose fault it is, who is responsible, etc. It must be stopped. Everyone and anyone with legitimate proposals to get this done must be considered. Okay, so our president did not run right down there and sit atop the hole in the ocean, but I will bet all odds that he was meeting with his top advisers, on the phone with BP, doing everything possible to get a grasp on this disaster. Just because President Obama does not stand up and shake his fists in people's faces, he is accused of not acting properly. He makes mistakes of course he does but I believe he is one to get all the information in front of him before he acts on an issue.

Well, I have written too much. I don't blame Bush, I blame money-hungry, greedy people who just want everything they can get without any thought of the outcome.

It is important to stop the volcano, then deal with the cleanup. Does it make any sense to be paying people to take rags and wipe oil from grass blades? The people living along that Gulf Coastline know how to take care of and deal with disasters, pay them to do it. Now that their livelihoods have been taken away, they must find other means to survive.

God bless us all,



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