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RE: POTW Feedback
10/15/2010 1:56:38 PM


Thank you for your posative and forthright reply, I do appreciate it. Who nominates the nominees? Is it the ALP company or do we some how do it out here in the field? I did note suggestions for nominees.

You are welcome Rick! Any member can nominate another member who meets the qualifications. There is a thread for suggestions and you can post there. You can send the suggestions to Barry in a PM. You can send them in a PM to POTW.

If you see a member that you think is worthy and deserving of this award, then please do nominate them. Just make sure they meet qualifications.

Joyce, thank you and I hope this answers your question as well.


Mary Hofstetter

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RE: POTW Feedback
10/15/2010 2:35:31 PM

It is not surprizing that most members can't vote because they don't know the people. Of course, what have any of them done for the community in 4 weeks. Well we do know one famous one who has made his mark. I don't think ripping the community apart qualifies any one to be honored as an Adlandpro promoter.

A fellow adlander and I just communicated on skype for a few minutes and here is what we found. 1) new people who have contributed zilch to the community 2) promoting ponzies, yes more than one 3) welcoming all to Adlandpro even tho the profile is obviously here for no good and is removed in a day thanks to prompt attention from administration. 3) people with forums of one or two threads where no one has visited or posted. The word forum is loosly defined I guess. 4) no contributions to community members forums

I would hold the POTW team accountable for who they nominate. No nominating commitee puts up a slate for the membership to vote without having done their homework. If no one is worthy why reward anyone. Why lower your standards to reward just anyone. POTW has become a mockery.

What was the original intention of POTW? There are people who quietly work here, bring people and can be found on search engines. My challenge to anyone is to google the current names, google their forums, look at community activity as it shows on their profile, check their ads.

I have said all this not to belittle our POTW committee but you asked what would help and here is what seems needs to be done. In short, stop rewarding non-behavior, bad behavior, and non-contributors to our community.

Joyce Parker Hyde

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RE: POTW Feedback
10/15/2010 2:42:40 PM

Mary it sounds like you are fermenting another forum!
ALP'S Top Ten Scammers-Ponzie Pushers-and Boobs

Potw Team

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RE: POTW Feedback
10/20/2010 3:31:35 PM

Hello Members,

The point of the community is that it's a Buiness Networking site. That it has developed a social aspect to it is fantastic, however that cannot block or override that it is a business site first. To start dictating that messages and forums have to be delivered the way a small group or individual sees fit becomes a problem.

The candidates listed meet the criteria in the POTW and there are ways to decide who is listed there and who wins! This is always in the hands of the members. Members can make suggestions on who to list and by voting for the POTW based on who they like. If there are no suggestions then I start to research who can be listed based on the POTW eligiblity criteria. I hate to admit it but I am not perfect, I research to the best of my abilities based on the criteria and what I can find through other forums and postings. If I see that a person is active and is in touch with a lot of members than I have to consider that member again based on the criteria.

That said, if you didnt vote you shouldn't complain about who wins and if you have not made a suggestion on who to list as a candidate then you shouldn't complain about who is listed.

Feedback and candidate suggestions are always wecome and there is a pinned thread for this.

Turning this into a personal vendetta against any one member because of how that person networks is not healthy for anyone. Voting for another member and blocking their profile or posts are a pretty clear message to the individual. There are enough measure in place to stop a member from contacting you.

Voting and making candidate suggestions for the POTW are the ways to make this work and if you have no suggestions or choose not to vote in that particular poll that is your option.

Folks, I enjoy working on the Person of the Week and I believe it is important and a great place to come to discover other members you may not get the chance to meet. This is only as strong as the members participation and if you are not participating by voting or making candidate suggestions and/or you want to share your opinion you should use the Feedback or Suggestions thread or send me a private message.



Pauline Raina

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RE: POTW Feedback
10/20/2010 4:42:02 PM

Hi Barry,

I have been reading all thats been happening with the potw.

I would like to suggest that the very title of this award be changed.... no more PERSON OF THE WEEK.[POTW]cos' it is a far cry from what John Sanchez had in mind when he started this...its no more about THE we should have it as ADVERTISER OF THE WEEK [AOTW] since this is ADLAND and its all about advertising spam scams n all LOL....This I believe will solve most of the problems ...nominations and voting etc.

This is ADLAND ....a land of advertising the social aspect of it has diminished considerably in view of this lets just let the nominated advertiser go get himself/herself votes to win the title...if they know how to spam & advertise aggressively...sure they will know how to muster up votes to win ! The prize is all about advertising as you see its ADVERTISING all the way !!!! and why not afterall they pay for it !!!!

To the hand few of us who try to keep it strictly social...well socializing in an advertising majority has its hassles some can cope some can't :)

Just my 2 cents here :)



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