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Re: Sharing the beauty within
7/12/2009 6:01:34 AM
Such a lovely discussion from everyone here.  Roger, I like to get your messages as I know now that they are not ads like many others send.  That is uplifting to know such a caring person.  I have many things that are lovely in my life and others that are not as do we all.
Six years ago I moved into a seniors village with all little separate houses and a clubhouse for activities.  All of the people keep their yards so neat and have lovely gardens (many are originally from England, Scotland, Ireland).  One night I went for a walk and it was so pleasant I thought it just looked like I would imagine Heaven to be. 
I have also found much pleasure from pets as they are always there when you are sad or happy with their loving eyes and wagging tails.
I hope you enjoy much more time with the lovely girls and wish them luck with their singing.
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Luis Miguel Goitizolo

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Re: Sharing the beauty within
7/12/2009 6:19:52 AM

Dear Roger,

Your subject attracted my attention so strongly yesterday that after reading your introduction I felt like perhaps posting a heartfelt commentary about your lovely granddaughter and her talent or even some silly comment on your bout of arthritis, like "my father also suffered from it and it was a real torture for him all along his lifetime." However, it was already very late here and I was so tired that I just set it to be notified about new posts from now on. Now I am glad I did, as I have been able to read and enjoy both Kathleen and Branka's posts first thing in the morning (Thomas' post I read last night), which indeed has been a pleasurable experience and the perfect way to begin my day.

It is to me most curious, however, that even now I don't have it clear what I can contribute to this thread or its visitors or, for that matter, the whole world. I am feeling like a child who wants to show his toys or his first drawings, anything, to both his parents or his grandfather and grandmother and ultimately to the world at large, without it really being anything in particular. I really feel the urge, but cannot concrete what exactly it is that I can share.

Maybe a experience I had in the last year will do, which can somehow act as a supplement to Branka's advice on your arthritis. For the last twenty years or so I was suffering a bad case of lumbago which had me permanently prostrated and mortified, even walking heavily bowed, and which I was never able to get rid of until I met a nice guy (I like to think of him as if he was an angel) who recommended me a product, "omnilife," which would heal me within a week. I believe now that it mainly consists of hydrogen peroxide, which is known to cure anything in the world. He even prepared a special "cocktail" with several varieties of the product that only cost me about ten dollars in total. And boy it did, and I will always think of it as a miracle, as I have never suffered from it again from the time I tried it except for a single weak recurrence that threatened with attacking me back again me after a few months, but which I very easily was able to control by means of some yoga excersises. These simply consisted of consciously breathing and mentally sending my healing inner air to the area affected by the pain. I know this may sound most unlikely to a Western person, but it really works like magic. Now whenever I have a little pain anywehere in my body (even some shy attempts of what would seem to be arthritis, and even if it is acute) I have learnt to stop it in a matter of minutes by means of such healing thoughts. Remember, prana is the prime matter the whole universe is made of.

Well, I hope I may have been a little helpful with this experience to share at least. I must leave now for my morning walk with my dogs, and it is getting late.

Best Wishes,

Luis Miguel Goitizolo


"Choose a job you love and you will not have to work a day in your life" (Confucius)

Alain Deguire

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Re: Sharing the beauty within
7/12/2009 9:17:05 AM

Hello Dearest Sir Roger!

Thank You for the Invite to such an Amazing and Wonderful Thread... You are always doing great forum threads but, like many of our friends, I was particularly attracted by this one...

Life is what it is... It is not made to be a Party all along... In my opinion, this is a Path of Growth that Brings us always closer to being the best we can be and closer to the expression of our Divine Self within. Since Growth very often implies some hurts or sufferings, it is very important to feed ourselves regularly with all the Beauties that make their way through our Life Experience.

As You just shared with us about the Beauty of your two adorable granddaughters... Hermione... She is Awesome!

So much looking to the Life ahead of her... Isn't it???

096.jpg picture by romacmail

and, your angel Sophie with all of her Singing and other Talents...

She is Awesome as well and, You can certainly be a very proud granddad!

201.jpg picture by romacmail

All of these Beauties of Life are there to smooth a little this path of Life and help us moving ahead... That is why this is so important to take time - as so very well expressed by Branka - to fully live and recognize these blessings and let them in fully so that we can cross in an easier way the tougher bouts on the way. I really believe that Branka and Luis have shared very valuable info regarding your arthritis... really worth exploring!

It seems that this thread is taking a somewhat different route than you were probably expecting in the beginning... but, again, this is Life! Isn't it???

And, somehow, each and everyone is in his or her own Unique Way expressing about their Own Beauty without really putting it into Words...

With Much friendship and Love My Friend,




Branka Babic

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Re: Sharing the beauty within
7/12/2009 10:18:33 AM



LOL, you two grandfathers almost won my battle to remain young forever!!!! Looking at those two amazing little girls .... I almost changed my mind.

But fortunately, here is my dear boy Luis Miguel :) :) :) .... and thanks to him and his wish to share his toys (I hope I`d be add to the share :) ), I would stay where I am.

Roger, I regret after posting my thread. I THINK I BECAME ONE BORING PERSON, always ready to share recipes ... I really apologize. The path to the hell really is paved by best intentions.

I promise I`d stop being such caring and boring one.

Hugs and blessings,



Roger Macdivitt .

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Re: Sharing the beauty within
7/12/2009 11:21:16 AM


Your Angel cuddles are worth many words.

There is an Angel too in most of us and as you know it takes special efforts to recognise this.

Your inner beauty shows clearly.



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