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Roger Macdivitt .

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Sharing the beauty within
7/11/2009 8:48:37 PM

SHARING THE BEAUTY WITHIN is my subject today.


Recently I was reminded of some of the biggest contrasts that a day can bring.

Our second oldest grandaughter sleptover for a night because she loves to come and visit. I was awakened at six that morning by this bundle of energy jumping into bed with me. Needless to say we had to get up as she was not going to sleep any more.

We had a lovely, silly playful and computer game morning, visited the local wonderful Educational mainly natural history Museum and had lunch in a local Inn.

In the afternoon we were scheduled to meet up with her family as her big sister Sophie was singing at a City church in Chichester. Sophie attends singing lessons and recently gained a credit in her singing exam.

We took a friend with us and arrived in good time.

Sophie sang first with five other girls and a little later she sang her solo. Sorry, but grandad cried.

She has a very beautiful voice. We were so proud of her.

She sang again at the end with the other girls and they had a ball sharing the acclaim. I'm biased but she was the star.

Nobody makes her go to singing lessons, she loves it.

I sang in choirs as a young boy and my father had sung in a cathedral choir many years before so there's a gift passed on.

This brings me to the contrast.

My angel of a grandaughter Sophie:

The beauty within us needs to be shared. Sophie really needs to share her beautiful voice with the world.

The contrast:

After such a wonderful afternoon I have been struck with the worst bout of arthritis that I've ever had. I could not rid myself of the pain, I tried to sleep and twice went to bed but could not sleep. I could not even bear to sit and use the laptop. I've done nothing. It's now 2.30 on Sunday morning and the only thing that makes me smile is to think of Sophie's singing.

God gave us all beauty within. Some of it hasn't had a chance to come out.

Sophie is special, special to us and her friends, but, no more special than you. You are special and you need to remember that.

This is a celebration:

Sophie has a gift of curiosity which is catapulting her through her school life and other things. She has found that if she believes it enough, she can. And that is the difference.

She believes in that inner beauty that is there within her.


Do you have something that you think you might do or be good at? Go develop and share it with the world.


My pain this evening has been made bearable by the memory and my excitement for Sophie's future. God has special things in store I know.

Please share your inner beauty with us here.

What do you share?

What should you do?

What's that hidden beauty inside you?

Let's know and we will all celebrate.

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Sir Roger

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Thomas Richmond

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Re: Sharing the beauty within
7/11/2009 9:20:38 PM

Sir Roger, ahhh the wonder years and the art of couriosity, as kids we tend to think and act upon whats happening at the moment and as parents or adults we tend to think and plan ahead of what tomorrow will bring if act on what we do today.

Your sure have a lovely grandaughter, feed her with the knowledge and the travels of what you bring to the table my dear friend.

Sorry i have one beauty to give ,

and his already up in heaven waiting lol.

God_bless you Roger and your family :)

-Bizzy Thomas        

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Roger Macdivitt .

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Re: Sharing the beauty within
7/11/2009 9:25:57 PM

Sounds good to me Thomas.

by the way, Iris, my favourite flower,

Thank you


Kathleen Vanbeekom

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Re: Sharing the beauty within
7/11/2009 9:41:07 PM

Thanks, Roger!

She looks veddy veddy British!  Actually she looks like she could be from anywhere in the world. Do all young people have that in common? To look like they could be from anywhere?  Do we "old people" look like we could be from just about anywhere? Probably!

I've had the opposite of what you've said...a lot of my days start out dull or badly from knee pain or headache or getting up too early or whatever...then seem to get better usually.  As someone who wears eyeglasses, there have been bad days when I wonder "What is the velocity of tears?" Taking my glasses off sometimes and seeing the dots where tears sprayed out of my eyes with such force they left small spots on the interior of my glass frames...velocity of tears, that's something for scientists to study, they figured out that we can sneeze at a force of 50 mph, now let them waste time on impulsive tear spray.

Anyway!  Good days, laughter, unexpected kind words or emails or a phone call from someone I haven't heard from for awhile, or receiving a real letter from my father, since he "has to" write now that my mother isn't well enough to do it.  We spent our life not seeing much of our father's handwriting, and now in middle age, seeing that his writing is very similar to mine and some of my siblings, it's another strong bond, a surprise that comes from necessity of him having to do the correspondence instead of our mother.  Her writing was always beautiful, and our was...hurried scrawls and tightly clutched pens/pencils, she always thought we'd be doctors or pharmacists, LOL!  The crummy writing of potential medical professionals!

The online fun stuff always especially makes my day!  The internet is a great powerful force for goodness, new friends and learning about worldwide sameness, and being happy to see people we like.

Sarah Pritchard

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Re: Sharing the beauty within
7/12/2009 4:39:39 AM
My dear, dear Sir Roger,

This is going to be very short and sweet, but I hope it says it all and I hope you feel them:

Angel cuddles, love and light,


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