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Jeffrey Obrien

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Re: Australia's grief. REMEMBER
2/11/2009 10:31:27 PM
Thank-you for your email and for your donation to the Victorian Bushfire Appeal. Your generosity is appreciated. Australian Council of Trade Unions ADLANDPRO MEMBERS, As an AUSTRALIAN and very proud of our homeland I couldn't help myself to give all my month of Feb earnings to this BUSHFIRE APPEAL, I live in Jannali NSW SYDNEY & Have my son & Wife reside in YEA Victoria right in middle of it all, YES GOD HAS BEEN GOOD they are safe and well which is all I think about my son said DAD I FEEL GUILTY I was not killed along with his next door neighbor's etc all 8 were found dead. I wish all of you THANKS for your prayers and thoughts as these AUSSIES REALLY NEED IT AND TODAY AS AT 3.17PM EST the NSW BUSHFIRE FUND DONNATED BY over 300,000 ordinary working and un employed people have joined together to accumulate a total as at NOW of $52,875,233.96 cents yes folks thats almost $53 MILLION AUD isn't that Just AWESOME. thank you Australians and also USA ADLANDPRO.COM MEMBERS & FRIENDS your help is needed however we Australians always stick together in grief especially our own home grown beautiful citizens. Any member wishing to give even as small as a dollar my paypal addy is also you can use the link if you prefer however my end of month donnation was paid yesterday on pro rata if anyone does send me anything for these affected people and children Not to forget all the Pets and wildlife send without worry they WILL GET IT BY BLESSING THEM ALL with any type of gift they so very much NEED IT THAT'S FOR SURE GOD BLESS YOU ALL respectably Jeffrey O'Brien
Myrna Ferguson

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Re: Australia's grief. REMEMBER
2/11/2009 10:41:20 PM
Hi Roger,

Thank you for this forum in remember how the Australian people need our prayer ans support, in the fires area or in the flooding area.  I have been praying for them, and I will keep praying for my friends.

Michael Caron

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Re: Australia's grief. REMEMBER
2/11/2009 10:41:50 PM
Walking Garbage CanShirley and I would like to offer our prayers for our Dear and Wonderful friends in Australia during this sad time, and we hope and pray that our AdlandPro Community friends have not suffered the loss of a loved one during this force of nature.
Easter Cross
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Luka Babic

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Re: Australia's grief. REMEMBER
2/12/2009 12:24:53 AM

Thank you Roger for gathering us here.

May our deep condolences and love, along with the prayers, find a miraculous response in the lives of the Australian people.

Our ALP friends Gerri Decher and Kim Fazzolari, live at the zone of this adversity.

Did anyone hear from them recently?

Each day I am sending love and prayers there.


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