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Potw Team

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New POTW captain and team
1/21/2009 12:58:54 PM
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Hello Everybody,

I would like to announce that we have new POTW captain.
Kathleen VanBeekom will take this program over.

Thomas Richmond will be helping her.

Both Kathleen and Thomas are long time Adladpro members. Kathleen was using Adlandpro services even before this community was created.

Kathleen has new ideas how to run this program. I will let her introduce the ideas herself.

Please welcome Kathleen
and Thomas,

Please remember that taking of this position has no monetary benefits, and those who are agreeing on doing it, are offer their time totally free.

Please help Kathleen and Thomas by supporting this program so community as a whole benefits from it.

Bogdan Fiedur

Patricia Bartch

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Re: New POTW captain and team
1/21/2009 1:01:39 PM

I'm the first to welcome and congratulate our POTW team.  Kathleen and Thomas are great choices!!!  Thanks Bogdan for picking good people for the Person of the Week awards.

Great to see both of you doing this for us!!


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Kathleen Vanbeekom

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Re: New POTW captain and team
1/21/2009 1:06:46 PM

Thank you, Bogdan!  Thanks also to those who have already quickly posted here!


Hi Everyone,
A lot of you know us already, I'm Kathleen VanBeekom, I'll be the new POTW Election Captain and Thomas Richmond will be my partner here.

First, I'd like to thank Bogdan for seriously considering my suggestions.  I'm glad to be a part of Adlandpro and I'd like to see the membership become more active, whether we're here to advertise or socialize, generating more active people who start more forums will be good for everyone!

If this looks long, it's simple:
Find out who you are communicating with, look at the Stats of other people, and nominate wisely. 

We WILL accept nominations of people who have been POTW's in the past, of course, our most active members are the core of our community!  I have changed my mind and WILL ALLOW former Election Forum Leaders to also be nominated, since later you will find out that next January we'll be celebrating 11 PEOPLE of the Year.

When you meet new people here, encourage them to start their own forum, invite friends to their list, accept friendship invitations, and visit other forums.  We want people to have fun, learn new things, network for business, make genuine friendships, and find reasons to eagerly log in every day and recommend Adlandpro Community to other people they know.

FRIENDS OF POTW FORUM:  From now on, forum owners who announce this election to their forums with a link leading to it, will get a link back from the "Friends Of The POTW" thread that will be started soon.  If you've voted in POTW elections before, I hope you vote every week and encourage your forum members to also vote every week. You deserve a handshake for telling people about the election.

We're planning to run write-in elections starting every Wednesday and ending the following Tuesday.  The start time for nominations will be 12:00 a.m. eastern USA time Wednesday morning, actually midnight, and the end time will be 7 p.m. eastern USA time Tuesday.

This week's nominations are starting NOW!

*** The first write-in Person Of The Week election will start in less than 12 hours from now!

1. I would like the people who are making the nominations to actually have been active for 30 days.  How can people make nominations if they've only been here for a few days?  I want "Nominators" to be ACTIVE, have a friends list, have their own active forum, visit other peoples forums and make posts, BEFORE they make nominations.  Profiles must have real first and last name, real location, and real photo of yourself.

2. Those who are nominated must be here for 2 months, I think that rule is already in place.  Must have friends, at least one active forum of their own, no administrative problems in the recent past,  must have a REAL FIRST AND LAST NAME, REAL PICTURE, and  LOCATION on their profile.

3. TO MAKE NOMINATIONS: Submit a list of 7 nominees, not just one name.  Then at the end of 7 days, we count the names, and the one that comes up the most will win for that week.  You must nominate 7, any lists of less or more than 7 won't be counted at all. 

4. Voters of the Week will now be changed to Nominators of the Week, since we aren't using a ballot.  Here is the a publicly stated way of how we are going to choose these: 7th from last and 10th from last nomination posts, not including non-nomination commentary posts, not including posts from POTW Forum Captains.  The Nominators of the Week will get a link to their forum and an advertisement/site link when they are chosen, to be displayed for a week. Choosing by counting backward from the last post is better than counting forward, so people can't try to cheat this either just because they want an ad/link.

5. Next year January, the 11 people with the highest monthly votes, one from each month of February through December, and will be recognized as the People Of The Year.  The first election starting this week will be counted as part of February.
***POTW Forum Captains will not make nominations.  We will also not edit out any names that are nominated, but those with less or more than 7 in the list won't be counted. Be sure the people you nominate have been here for at least 2 months, have friends, and have posted to forums besides their own.
***Rudeness will not be tolerated, one strike and you'll be banned. No excuses, no insults, nothing that you wouldn't say to your mother.

Thanks for reading this, these rules will always be posted at the POTW Forum for future reference.  Complicated rules will hopefully prevent complicated manipulations of voting, hopefully those problems will be very few or nonexistent.  

Thank you also for promoting the new POTW election forum, everyone should experience reciprocal forum traffic.  The list of FRIENDS OF THE POTW forum links will always be in one of the forum threads, with new forum links added regularly.

Kathleen VanBeekom

Georgios Paraskevopoulos

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Re: New POTW captain and team
1/21/2009 1:10:27 PM
Hello Bogdan!

Good news. Kathleen Vanbeekom and Thomas Ritchmond are known for their contribution ind Adlandpro. A very good choise indeed. I ma sure those two firends will run the POTW and make this place the heart of AdLandpro. I am ready to give them a full support.

Good luck my friends

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Alain Deguire

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Re: New POTW captain and team
1/21/2009 1:11:45 PM
Hi Bogdan!
Thanks and Congratulation for such a great choice!

Hi Kathleen and Thomas!
I want to Congratulate You for this nomination and for giving the generosity of your time to the benefit of this community...

New Times, New Ways... reaching to a better future!

All The Best!
With Friendship,

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