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Re: A nasty PayPal con email
8/24/2005 2:53:36 PM
Jerome, You raise a number of very good points. Nowadays a good spam filter is a must. We all receive far to much spam & it just clogs up our mail box's. It's so much easier to skim through your spam folders & then click 'Delete All' It's a good idea to have your settings so that you cannot open any mail with click able URL's or containing pictures, as like Jerome points out, if your Virus protection is not completely upto date, you WILL get infected. I must admit I have not checked on the virus directory today, but it does not suprise me about the severity level of that particular virus being raised. The jury duty phone scam you noted is particulary nasty,who would question that to closely, if they received the same phone call? The scandal with your police force (Tarnished Blue) is not fun reading, it makes Las Vegas seem like a nice law abiding city with no corruption..... (your link does not work by the way, found it easier by just putting As for the desperation for money, well there has always been desperation with getting money, all through the ages. It's just now,that the Internet has opened it up for anyone, anywhere in the World, to con more people than was ever possible before. Now that the World Wide Web is so readily available to everyone, security must be tightened up somehow. When it was first marketed it was going to be a boon to mankind, information would be available to all. The trouble is, to many criminally minded people, have seen the 'benefits' for their 'trade'. As for the last time I saw it this bad, I personally think that maybe, it's all the reporting & T.V coverage (& the Internet). We get so much information now, whether we want to or not. It might have been similar to this for many years, it's just now we know about it straight away, a case of to much information, but thats just my personal opinion.
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Re: A nasty PayPal con email
8/24/2005 4:25:50 PM
Hi Anthony, I forgot to seperate that link from the 3 0n your side news, as it did not all go together. I was in a hurry to get back to what I was doing. But here it is again for anyone who wants to see it: If you go back to that page scroll down to this: "Former Memphis Senator May Cut Deal In Operation Tennessee Waltz" I have to say Memphis is having it's troubles. By the way I live about a hundred miles south of there. As for the virus alert, take it serious, and update! I don't know I was raised in the sixties, and with the civil rights movement going on, the crime that came with it just don't compare with todays. I found out that the jury duty scam is more wide spread than first reported, it seems to be all over. What' Happening? I told my wife, that when she leaves for work carry that nine with you, I'd rather spend money on a lawyer than a coffin. But I have Pre-Paid Legal! It's just a mess out here. Well Be Safe!-JP
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