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Kathy Hamilton

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Kathy Martin is asking for your help-
8/18/2005 4:13:42 PM
Hello My Dear Friends, This is very unusual of me to do this ,however, I do feel thay Belinda, Whose husband passed away recently,could really do with some extra help. She is very thankful to those who have helped financially and morally. But lets see if we can go that extra mile for her. Please read her letter and try and identify yourself if you were in her position. If you can Please sign up under her links to help her out it would be much appreciated. Kathy its Belinda - messages to/from Belinda Taylor From Belinda Taylor: Kathy its Belinda Date: 8/18/2005 Hello Kathy Regina rang me today and was so very nice to hear a friendly voice, she told me you would help when ever you can, here I plea with you , Rigina, Howard and someone else sent me these links to join and I did, due to my husbands death he left me with zero money. $8.24 cents in bank and nother income. SSI was stopped after his death.& now with a mountain of debt from his sickness I still have to try and repay. Even though he was my life ,my heart, I still have to go on living,I cry each day and have ask the Lord what can I do, The Adland people here have been ever so nice, with all your donations I have received , they came to approx $270. still not able to pay for my husbands HeadStone, or those mountains of bills , , I want to know if you may help me with my Urls that Regina helped me get and Howard. here are the Url Links . and if by chance you may be able to help by placing them on your Forums for me , I would be ever so thankful. PPCAPRAISAL NPN INVESTPLACE Thankyou & God Bless You Belinda
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Lee Talmadge

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Re: Kathy Martin is asking for your help-
8/18/2005 4:31:58 PM
Hi Kathy, I will place all three links on my website ,would you or Regina please send me in message for each the following A)A banner- if have one B)Companys name C)Brief detail of services always my best to you Kathy God Bless you . send to
Nick Kitchen

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Re: Kathy Martin is asking for your help-
8/18/2005 4:45:02 PM
Hello Kathy , this is really sad . My prayers are with Beinda . It is so warming to know that you and Regina and i am sure many many of the adland community are around for her in this time of need I have signed up under her link invest place . And i will place Belindas links in my web page to. please pass on my regards to Belinda Love Nick
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Gregg Adams

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Re: Kathy Martin is asking for your help-
8/18/2005 4:46:33 PM
HEy Kathy This is just an idea but if she got herself a PayPal account and then had a "make a donation" button on her site, maybe there are those that would send her a few bucks. Like even if every adlander sent her one buck that would be 18 grand. Get her to get the button and rally the troops. You guys got think like Willy Nelson. Even at his age he can get cash fast. And still find time to party. Thats what I'd do.
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Re: Kathy Martin is asking for your help-
8/18/2005 4:53:37 PM
Thanks Kathy for doing this. God bless you richly. Belinda, I am running off to our church revival. When I come back I will sign under your investment link. Take care and hang in there! Regina.

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