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Are Vaccinations Safe - Conference Call
3/27/2008 9:28:10 PM

Vaccine Safety Conference Call

Mary Tocco is going to be a guest on the Reality Zone Conference call!

Mary is a natural health educator. She is very active in saving Parental Rights To Waive Vaccinations. She has been involved in several organizations to show the dangers of vaccinations & save your rights to choose what is best for your children.

When Michigan wanted to pass a bill, which threatened to remove the "Philosophical Exemption" to waive vaccines, Mary was there. The non profit organization MOM got the bill stopped.

This is a ‘must be on’ call for all parents that are considering getting their children vaccinated. Even if your children are grown come & listen so you can help educate others!

For full details of the conference call visit the RealityZone , you will see her & the information for the conference call that will be held this Sunday March 30, 2008.

You can see her 2 hour 38 minute Google Video ‘Are Vaccines Safe?HERE!
Find out how the US keeps adding more & more vaccines – there are now 23 doses. 72 bacterial & viral components by age 6. And they are adding more all the time. Now they even have adult “must” have vaccines. This is well worth the 2.5 hours to watch this movie. The life of your child is worth far more! Find out YOUR rights!

The government seems to be taking away so many parental rights but, thanks to people like Mary we can be sure there is someone on our side. Since Mary can not do it alone, I urge you to get educated & become active. Parents MUST take full responsibility for their children’s health. Find out your rights & tell others to do the same.

For a great list of vaccine ingredients visit WAVE (World Association for Vaccine Education)
You will be shocked to see what they are injecting into your children or your self.

WAVE World Association for Vaccine Education

I will be on the call & hope you are also!
Sheryl Loch

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Sheryl Loch supports green living, natural cures, health prevention, and loves animals. Her internet productivity is learned from going against the grain and testing her theories. Most times her sarcastic and to the point writing gets attention. Her noted success in branding is unsurpassed by most.

Re: Are Vaccinations Safe - Conference Call
3/30/2008 12:23:47 PM

Hello Sheryl

    I am very happy to more people getting involved with the autism issue. I have been beating this drum for 3 years now and for the most part,,,,getting nowhere. According to my research, vaccines have the potential to be one of the most serious health threats of our time. One of the most compelling bits of research was conducted in the Amish community. 0 vaccines = 0 autism.

   Also, if vaccines were safe then why would proponants, such as Senator Bill Frist, be so dedicated to preparing for the onslaught of law suites against the government and the drug makers. Total immunity for the drug companies for any liability for damages caused by vaccines and other drugs. A special fund set up by the feds to provide compensation to victims out of taxpayer dollars rather then through litigation in the courts. Roughly 80% of the profits for drug makers comes from vaccines. The research is funded by taxpayers. The victims are taxpayers. Perhaps the greatest cure of all time is the use of the common leach. The parasitic actions of the government and the drug companies certainly seems to protect them well from whatever could ail them.

   I appreciate your effort to educate the public and I will support your effort in any way that I can. We have a big election year ahead of us and this is where we could make a huge difference in the way business is done in this world.

Sincerely, Billdaddy

May a smile follow you to sleep each night and,,,,,be there waiting,,,,,when you awaken Sincerely, Billdaddy
Sheryl Loch

1260 Posts
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Re: Are Vaccinations Safe - Conference Call
3/30/2008 3:14:16 PM
Thank you for stopping by & adding more information.
I know that you are a huge advocate for the education on Autism. So many people are lucky to have you on their side helping them to get much needed information.

I was lucky that none of my 3 girls had lifelong effects (that I know of) from any vaccines that they did get. To many families have not been as lucky. It is a shame that any parent should even have to do their own research about these things.
I am not against all doctors but, I do think that they need to stick with their creed of "Do No Harm".
When Caitlinn was a baby she had a heart condition that sent us to Seattle Children's Hospital. There we met with one of the greatest pediatric heart surgeons in the world. One of the 1st things he did was tell me not to get her any vaccines because they could be detrimental with her condition. He did say we could possibly get them at a later time. Since my oldest daughter had stopped breathing as a baby within seconds of getting a DPT shot, I knew that Cait could not risk that shot. I had no clue at that time what any other dangers were.

Yes, the POS Senator Bill Frist!
I do not know how this man got put in a place to make any desions about anything. His greed & total lack of care for humans (or any kind of animal, since he had abused  so many) is just shocking. I feel sure that if people knew how much smoke this man has blown up their butts he would be out of office. I also think he should be in jail for some of his behavior.

I do not know how to get the message to people like him that he is WRONG! I guess instead of worrying about him I should just spend more time helping get out any messages to the people that need it & want it.

Anyone that wants more information about Autism should stop at BILLS FORUM
He knows much more about this topic than I do. I will do my best to get info I find out where people can see it.

Thank you again for coming by & I hope that every one that does stop in will at least watch the movie & send the link to everyone they know.

Sheryl Loch

Thank you Also to Jerilyn!!!
Because my link did not go out Jerilyn was great & posted this info for me in her forum & got it posted at Care2. Her love for people & pets is needed by more.

Re: Are Vaccinations Safe - Conference Call
3/30/2008 9:17:12 PM

Hello Again Sheryl

    I have just made a major decision regarding how I am going to live my life. I am not taking any more medications. Last Fri. night I was at the club shooting pool with friends and I had, yet again, what appeared to all to be a stroke. I went to the same old hospital in the same old ambulance and got the same old answers from the same old Dr's. After repeats 0f the same tests I was told again what I did not have wrong and given some new perscriptions for whatever it is that ails me. Well, I just came home from the club and I feel better than  have in 2 years. I have not taken a pill in nearly 3 days and I feel wonderful compared to how I have been feeling.

   I am going to find the answers to my own questions. Nobody else has any answers anyhow. Metaphysical and homeopathic is my new way of life. I am tired of the lies. Tired of the drugs and tired of being diagnosed with somethng different every few weeks.

   As far as vaccines go, I will not take any chances with our new baby. She is happy and healthy right now and like the saying goes, if it ain't broke, don't try to fix it. Keep up the good work Sheryl. We need more people searching for the truth and then spereading that ttruth around.

    Senator Bill Frist. I hope your legs grow together and you litterally rot in hell.

   Sorry if I sound a little sarchastic tonight but I have had enough of the BS.

Elizabeth Westberry, we send you our love,our prayers and our healing light. 
May a smile follow you to sleep each night,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
           and be there waiting,,, when you awaken.
Sincerly, Bill Vanderbilt
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May a smile follow you to sleep each night and,,,,,be there waiting,,,,,when you awaken Sincerely, Billdaddy
Re: Are Vaccinations Safe - Conference Call
3/30/2008 9:31:13 PM

Hi Sheryl

    On the subject of Autism and vaccinations, I just received this update from the NAA. I thought I would share it with your readers.

For Immediate Release:
March 28, 2008

Media Inquiries:
Rita Shreffler, NAA (Nixa, MO) 401-632-6452
Wendy Fournier, NAA (Portsmouth, RI) 401-835-5828


Nixa, MO – Parents of children who regressed into autism after receiving vaccines are expressing cautious optimism that government health officials may at last be catching on to the link between vaccines and autism.

An article published on Huffington Post by investigative journalist David Kirby reported details of a conference call held earlier in March, bringing together federal vaccine safety officials to discuss concerns surrounding mitochondrial dysfunction, autism and vaccines.

The call came on the heels of a concession by the federal government that vaccines lead to regressive autism in nine-year-old Hannah Poling of Atlanta. The ruling is raising many questions, especially in the area of mitochondrial dysfunction, which the government conceded was exacerbated by Hannah’s vaccines.

In the article, Kirby stated, “The hot topic of the day was mitochondria - the little powerhouses within each cell that convert food and oxygen into energy.” And that, “Some researchers on the call reported that mitochondrial dysfunction is probably much more common than the current estimate of 1-in-4,000 people, making the potential implications for autism staggering.”

Of utmost significance are the following points:

  • Up to 1 in 50 children (2%) may be at risk for mitochondrial dysfunction.

  • Thimerosal, mercury, aluminum, pollution, pesticides, medicines and prenatal alcohol exposure have all been shown to damage mitochondria.

  • Up to 20% of all children with autism may have underlying mitochondrial dysfunction.

  • The CDC is aware of this situation and is immediately taking measures to address the current national vaccine schedule.

  • The genetic susceptibility for mitochondrial dysfunction is not rare.

  • This DNA mutation alone may not be enough to confer cellular dysfunction, doctors believe there is an environmental trigger as well.

  • Children with mitochondrial dysfunction are more likely to regress into autism following a fever and illness from viral infections or a vaccine reaction.

  • Some changes in the vaccine schedule will almost surely be made. The most difficult decision is how and when to vaccinate children with proven mitochondrial dysfunction.

The National Autism Association (NAA), a parent-led non-profit organization, believes that vaccines have contributed to regressive autism in most children, and that the rise in autism correlates with the increase in vaccinations. "It's apparent that those in a position to bring the truth to light about the vaccine-autism connection might finally be listening to the parents who have witnessed it first-hand," said NAA board chair Scott Bono.

A meeting of the HHS National Vaccine Advisory Committee's Vaccine Safety Working Group will be held in Washington, DC on April 11th. This meeting will be open to the public.

To read Mr. Kirby’s article, please visit: 

To learn more about autism, visit:


Think Autism. Think Cure.

Sincerely, Billdaddy

May a smile follow you to sleep each night and,,,,,be there waiting,,,,,when you awaken Sincerely, Billdaddy

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