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About Me
Sheryl Loch supports green living, natural cures, health prevention, and loves animals. Her internet productivity is learned from going against the grain and testing her theories. Most times her sarcastic and to the point writing gets attention. She is always willing to offer marketing help where she can.

Before being an online marketer I spent 18 years growing up, the daughter of an IBM computer repairman. Spending time with my dad was the greatest thing there was. I remember going with him to fix a card punch when computers took up a whole room.

Dad passed away in 1991 & is looking down in shock that I have 2 computers on my kitchen table.

We had a red brick house in the middle of a field in Olney, IL. Our front yard was bigger than a football field & the drive was lined with blue spruce trees. Out back there was an orchard, barns, & garden. The garden had an endless supply of worms for fishing in the pond, down in the field. My dad & I spent much of our time together fishing, raising animals that had lost their mothers to tractors, enjoying the outdoors, & woodworking in the winter. I am not sure if my love for plants and animals was taught to me or just part of my DNA.

At 18, I left home & worked at a grocery store during the day & tended bar at night. Getting tired of living in the same town I thought I needed a change - I got married. We had 2 daughters & the Navy moved us all a crossed the US. Having figured out that the change that I wanted did not really work out so well – I divorced.

In 1993 I found myself pregnant & then Caitlinn entered the world. When she was about 2, I went through massage therapy school. I found that Washington State would not allow you to work on animals with out some vet training & that was out. So, I went back to working construction during the day & bartending at night.

Meeting Brad was a blessing. For the 1st time I had a chance to stay home. We settled in Las Vegas & that is when we 1st got a computer online. Brad thought it would be great to get a home business. After a long search I started with the Wholefood Farmacy.

About 1 year ago Brad & another person decided to start an online training community. That was just fine until Brads job changed & he was gone so many hours. He had told the other co founder that I would help here & there, if I could. Well that turned into 18 -24 hours a day learning everything I could & endless hours helping other members. My stay with that community has come to an end.

What is the coolest? Since I homeschool Cait, she has been here learning just as much. Cait is only 13, has her own business & is learning about social networking, forums, autoresponders, splash pages, FTP transfer, HTML, hosting, affiliate systems…..

Brad, Cait, & I are now setting up a new community on a phpbb3 script. We are getting programs set up to do as a team. We have implemented a $2.50 monthly fee to keep out spammers & people that are not serious about building a business. This will also help cover the cost of benefits for the community.I have started stringing the RSS feeds for our BLog Co-Op section and already see the hits coming in.Stop by if you would like to meet other serious marketers. The Blog Co-Op will have members posting mini post that describes the latest article. This is so everyone can visit, comment, and bookmark other peoples blogs & all start building.The Internet Marketers Guild

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Caitlinn Game Girl Racing Blog
Dogs with Accessories Blog My daughter and her dogs started this blog after the 30 Day Challenge. They are always looking for people to submit pics and stories about their dogs.

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I have followed Mike Adams for years, he is one of the greatest, most honest natural health writers I have ever seen. Just a few days ago he joined Moxxor and will be giving live weekly training on the health benefits. I am so excited to be on his team. I have never before seen him join a business in this capacity so, when he says it is big - it is going to be huge!
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