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Jerilyn Merideth

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Re: I do not usually react - But I am Outraged at this!!!! ... Gillian Gibbons
12/1/2007 12:47:25 AM



I am also praying for the children!

If this can happen to their teacher they must be scared wondering what might happen to them!

Take Care,



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Sarah Pritchard

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Re: I do not usually react - But I am Outraged at this!!!! ... Gillian Gibbons
12/1/2007 5:19:42 AM
Hello again Venerina,

I suppose that what we can do is be an example, shining lights of example, giving the example of love, kindness, tolerance, sharing and so on.

One person cannot reach everyone else in the world, but each guiding light of love can reach a certain number of others.

We can do our bit.

I also think that if enough people send positive vibes to the most negative of situations, some positive action will happen, even if we can't see it or realise it.

Whenever, I see some terrible news, I always try to send love and light to the object or person that is suffering, but also to the people or 'object' that is causing the suffering or problem and so on.

Angel cuddles, love and light,


We all have that light of love within us.
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Robert De Merode

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Re: I do not usually react - But I am Outraged at this!!!! ... Gillian Gibbons
12/1/2007 5:26:01 AM

Hello Venerina,

It’s a beautiful sunshine Saturday morning here, and a double word (post) from Madeira makes for a great day! J

I would like to make it abundantly clear that within all religions and cultures there are of course some good and some bad people, it is subsequently not that aspect of the problem that make for an opinion. I would neither wish for a forum debate about Islamism. Historical facts are there to be studied and thereby to understand the in’s and out’s of consequential actions and happenings. Today we all know of people that are our friends and are Islamic or whatever but, that does not give by itself credit to this or that religion.

Religion is not politics and politics is not religion; neither should ignore the path of the other. There is a subtle nuance here. Render to God what is of God and to Caesar what is of Caesar. Obviously one needs to understand that Caesar also has a duty of rendering to God. What I know for fact is that there is absolutely no tolerance or nuance in Islam. There is no space for debate or for thought, all and everything is with regards to a passed moment of time, there is no space or time for adaptation and to top it all up, there is no definition or separation of religion, politics, private, public, or culture. All is one. Again, similarly to any religions, not all followers of Mohamed obeyed by these incompatible teachings. These teachings that have only one objective and that being the total subjection of the human kind to the prophet, by will or by the killing and slaying of those that objectively in any way what so ever refuse or even portray a non conformant act deed or name. Ever since Islam appeared, it has been the same story, since the crusades right up to today in Khartoum, the Darfour region (and all of southern Sudan that had a tendency towards Christianity.) via Cyprus the Middle and Far East to the present desertification and famines of Africa.

As for the Teddy bear, (the beautiful sunshine day is still prevailing here!) There does seem to be a couple of variants as to its origin, but they all seem to have Theodore Roosevelt as being the originator. I simply Googled “the origin of teddy bear”. It’s not biblical! Lol.

Have a great weekend, and take care.

My kind regards to you,


Re: I do not usually react - But I am Outraged at this!!!! ... Gillian Gibbons
12/1/2007 9:04:28 AM

I am as outraged as any of us at this turn of events.  That kind of punishment for naming a teddy bear is ridiculous - in those countries steeped in Democracy.

But -

We Americans, Brits, Canadians, and Australians have a long history of looking down our noses at other races, cultures, religions, and countries.  They are beneath us, heathens, hated of God.  We think so, even if we do not say it.  We think our "superiority" gives us the right to dictate our beliefs and creeds to them.  If they don't like it, well, war has always been one or our favorite options.  Genocide has been another.  And all in the name of our cultures, our religions, our laws, and our countries.

The point being -

It is THEIR culture, THEIR religion,THEIR laws, and THEIR country.  When we go there, we are NOT above their laws.  The poor lady in question should have planned ahead for this contingency and acted accordingly.

It is not our place to judge.

Let us leave it to God.  Let them leave to Allah.  The Master of Heaven shall judge between them.


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Joe Downing

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Re: I do not usually react - But I am Outraged at this!!!! ... Gillian Gibbons
12/1/2007 12:04:18 PM
These types of events are exactly why the HUGS AROUND THE WORLD IN 90 DAYS! campaign.  Showing the world how simple it is to get along.

Join us!

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