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Re: Human Cosmic Evolution
1/16/2008 4:29:41 PM

Hello Lidia,

You have set my mind in motion, Birnd I love, because it's your language pronunciation and it triggers good memories.

I would like it very much to disperse the theme Electromagnetic Waves and the influence of the human behavior. Because it is a major concern and it affects and influences all of us and mostly our health related issues.

To be specific, please question me and I shall respond to my best knowledge. Just writing about seems to me impossible, because the item is hot, dangerous and for most of the readers impossible to digest. And most of all, we have to explain it properly to our audience.

Anyway, I'm very pleased to have you on my forum and I'm convinced you can teach me a lot as well. May be in our discussion over EMW's, some of our friends will pick up the thought's they need  and for all, some suggestions they can possible apply in their daily life.

Have blessed days,

Best wishes Bernd



Lydia Fokina

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Re: Human Cosmic Evolution
1/16/2008 5:00:38 PM

Hello Bernd, greetings to all!

Comfort of the civilization which surrounds us and devices that create it - electrical household appliances, underground, cars, cellular phones, computers - are the sources of the electromagnetic radiation which has essential negative influence on our organism.

It turns out that the blessings of the civilization essentially facilitate our life, however do not prolong it. What should we do? Is it high time to go back to the Stone Age?

Sincerely, Lidia



Re: Human Cosmic Evolution
2/12/2008 5:29:46 PM

Hello Lydia,

You make me smile, thank you.

For many people a new stone age would be a blessing.

We are a carbon C composition with 4 amino acids added and the ability to think.

All the Electric Magnetic Waves which are intruding and penetrating our biological body gives us a lot of a headache and for 100% a lot of illness.

When I had build my Hyperbaric Chamber I also designed it as a cage of Faraday.

The reason must be obvious. I need a break once a day.LOL

The more I think of all this frequency interferences the more it frightens me. But we have to deal with the way it is.

This are the blessings of a modern world. We can communicate over the world. While we are doing that our computer sreen is hitting us with radiation . We have plenty of  choices, our free will can decide.

But we are not so clever as we think we are, poor humans.

With all the best wishes,






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